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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This world is beautiful because of the diversity

This world is beautiful because of the existence of the diversity, which fosters and polishes the human brain toward this stage of the development. We have to take our responsibility being a human on this
earth and identify our role differently respecting to each individual’s values and right equally. We are born not only to utilize the resources but should acknowledge our role as well to make this world much prettier than now.

We can’t expect the same views and opinion as our own from the people because everyone is unique but we have to admire them. We have to work out with the disagreement instead of feeling vulnerable. It is not wise to criticize in the back because of the variance and different perception about the same thing. We can always find the resilience to get better from our setbacks and disappointments.

We can’t be all the time in a comfort zone either in our workplace or family matter but have to seek the optimism and have to be ready to cope with everything whenever life throws us out of the road. Yes, of course, if we believe opportunities embraces us one day definitely it will.  Success always requires a lot of effort, dedication, and patience additionally faith in oneself that we have to build within us.

If you have discomfort feeling, fear, anxiety or frustrated, I highly recommend you to approach with your friends, relative or someone to share those attacks and distraction. Staying gloomy and isolated is like having slow poison. In order to avoid those occurrences, we have to build our self-confidence and have to appreciate ourselves for what we have done so far.

Never expect everyone is comfortable in your personal and professional life because of the diversity, but keep in mind that could be an opportunity to sharpen yourself and to hinder you toward the perfectionist. You have to be an extra polite, but you can always find the alternative while solving any problems enthusiastically. This is why this world is more beautiful than what we have expected.