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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The reasons why we have to be happy in our life?

The world is anticipating for a change and expecting for the people with happiness, not a sad and passive those don’t have any ingenuity. Nothing is sure for tomorrow that we always think and worried for our future.  Without understanding that point we are killing our energy with the gloom,
anxiety, and stress that we permit to dwell in our minds and thought. The scientific researchers have discovered that happiness is one of the most powerful tools of our life that harvests the success and achievement. There are some important reasons why we have to be happy in life.

1. Happy people are more productive and capable.

Based on the finding of the research, happy people are more productive and capable in their lives. Happiness makes people more constructive and enhances their capacity greater than the existing ones. This is the most important reason we shouldn’t wait for it for tomorrow rather be happy now and today doesn’t matter the way that you could deserve to be.

2. Nothing is for sure for tomorrow let’s enjoy the life today

Our life is full of uncertainties; we may face various things in life, which we can’t change today. We may have to face with the terrible disease or may leave this earth earlier than what we have expected. Waiting tomorrow for happiness is worthless rather we have to adore today which is more precious and beautiful than what we will have tomorrow. Happiness provides the inner power and we should utilize it today without waiting for tomorrow.

3. Happiness is associated with people’s health.

The research has also discovered that happy people are healthier than unhappy people.  The science says that happiness is directly connected to the mind, brain and physical cells. If we are happy our body functions properly as our antibiotic capability increase and vice versa for the people.


There are numerous reasons why we have to be happy in our life, rather than explaining all the detail here my conclusion is that the world is waiting for the happy people and that we could be the ones and as we are willing to make changes and trying to make something differences. Regardless of our current situations, financial situations, lack of consistency on our earning or whatever difficulties we might be facing, we have to be happy in life because we are born here only one period of time that we are not sure for another birth. We may have another life, but nobody has remembered who we were in our previous life. Let’s live the life to make something which is possible only with the happiness. Don’t hesitate to spend whatever effort it could be to make you happy and feel you are having your own life.