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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The importance of parenthood!

Since my childhood, I had a belief that if I marry someone who really has a distance on my opinion, I would separate and live my own life. But experiencing many things until this life span I have learned many lessons moreover the importance of parenthood and its responsibility.

Most of the time I drop my son to daycare and pick him up from there after my job. I asked his father to share this responsibility only in emergency or something happens to me to go beyond the duty. His father works at night so my son rarely sees him during the night and in the morning. He always seeks me whenever I go away from him so thought he doesn't have his father in his mind.

Today I picked him from daycare and arrived at home. He asked me to open the door quickly and said where is my daddy? I surprised and replied he went to work. Again he searched to another room and returned to me with a sad face and went to the bathroom saying, daddy. I felt so sorry for him and for his feeling how desperate he was to see his dad. I asked me to come with me and said I would call his dad to find out where he was.

When I called his dad, he was away and about to start his job. As his job has a flexible job, my son used to meet him after his daycare. His dad received my phone, then my little boy started to talk by himself that I never knew he loves his dad that much." Daddy where are you? I miss you so much, daddy. "Then he kissed on my phone. I was amazingly watching his behavior and almost dropped a tear emotionally while diving deep into the castle of fantasy.

Many things came to my mind about my child and his dad. His dad has a flexible job and if he had thought about his son definitely he would manage his time to see him for a while, but he doesn't understand his son's feeling. I felt so bad, but controlled myself and assured my son, he would meet his father definitely tomorrow. He started to play around, but I wandered to the far in the horizon where my characters of ' Modern Family' series couple who are so devoted to their relationship played around in my mind.

If I were in my previous age, I would have blamed myself and for my destiny, but those kinds of stuff are already deleted from my mind. I want to live my life being myself and independent creatures, regardless of what others may think, but it doesn't mean I am the one who has created this circumstance. We have our own respective life, we respect our opinions and workout with our differences because we have already been parents of our beautiful child. But remember, if you have already been the parents of your beloved child, please pay attention and understand the feeling of your loved ones.!