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Friday, June 9, 2017

Most common blockage of human mind

People always think about their problems and deem that their own complications are higher in level compared to their friends or relatives. We don't know how the other have been living their lives, but
judge ourselves and feel poor for finding the weakness, flatter blues for what we haven't achieved and always ponder on the glitches we have been facing. We quickly detect the other happiness, but we can't be happy because we always identify our flaws, shortcomings, and snags.

This is a human nature we always judge people’s relation, their status, and happiness and find one self-glum for not being able to have in the life that we really wanted to. We blame our fortune, destiny, and much more. Same thing applies regarding the physical outlooks and achievement. We always notice the more beautiful people and the people who have a better job and a comfortable life than us.

Those are the reasons that make us unhappy and humiliated. We can't see our brighter sight, but always detect our own failing, we can't see our own strength and power, but always judge the people who are having them. Those kinds of contexts bring anxiety; depression, and dread on our way. Many people can't move forward in their ways because they always dwell in the negative seeds in their mind. Always treat one poor and hopeless, but can't see them brighter part.

We have to see the people who are having the life with fewer resources. If we are not happy with our income we have to realize the people who are surviving with their fewer earnings. Before considering our weakness we have to identify our strength who I am and what capacity I have. Everyone in this world is equally equipped and filled with the power of thought and brain, but only the people with mental blockage keep on identifying glum.

Our common judgments for other happiness and comfort always direct us to the wrong direction. If we feel we are poor and have more severe problems those are the bad habit and mental blockage that we need to delete from the mind. We have to bring the positive energy in our mind and thought to initiate oneself I am the most capable and able to fight with anything that may bang on my ways.