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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why the avalanches hit me frequently

Continues from yesterday post

Q. Hi it has been an age now we haven't seen with each other. I am quite frustrated after I left the job from Amnesty International. We talked about doing something different in the world, but there was a deep fear hidden inside me. One day I discussed shortly my situation, but I didn't get a chance to talk
 MT. Everest from Google
with you more when we separated in a different division. I feel the huge avalanches are hitting on my way. I was a well set designer, but due to the burden of taking care of my little one, becoming the single source of provider, I am not able to focus on my career. I hope you are well enough to move forward, I appreciate if you have something to inspire me.

- Accept my great honor and gratitude from the bottom of my heart, you are such an amazing and extraordinary woman with enormous and unlimited capabilities. You know we all human beings should pass through unusual complications and bite the stone throughout the sequence of life. You are more intelligent, more creative and more capable woman than any other ordinary woman of this world. You have done a lot of things in your life and you are in a hard time now doesn't mean you will stay on that same stage forever. Just imagine the tree which seems quite ugly during the winter with no leaves and flowers, but the same one turns to be beautiful with blossoms of flowers and leaves in the spring. Please be patient and don't hesitate to take the challenges that may occur on your way.

Everything needs time to come up, you are in the off season now and in the ground of the battle. You will be a hero when you come out from that. It's not a magic and not easy to take care your kid alone and become the single provider by emotionally and mentally, but believe that god is always with you and care you. You are not alone who are fighting in those anxieties, there are numerous women in the same boat. You could also find a single mother association and some government provisions and facilities. Please do research and find the way to have better opportunities and grab the one which will lead you to the right track. Sometimes even the train may derail due to the accident, our life also goes throughout the distinctive contexts. Be patient, never stop in the middle of the journey, stay focused and positive, do research a lot. You will be inspired if you go through the life of great writer JK Rolling, Maya Angelou and former president of United State Barack Obama. How they came up from their life and achieved the optimum level of success. We can learn the lessons and get inspired and motivated every time. Most often we need to reactivate or refuel in a hard time.  Once again thanks a lot for thinking me at the tough time. I will talk to you soon.

Your friend