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Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Wounds

Story written by Kungba Kanchha
Translated by Indira Chongbang

The mother surprised when her beloved son unhappily sat aside the counter on the balcony after arriving from the city. She was excited to meet him because he was only their hope and dream for their future. She thought he could be thirsty. She went inside and brought a cup of cold water and
Kungba Kanchha writer
gave it to him. Still he just put that cup away and made his face anxious. She asked; "Are you alright, my sweetheart? Why don't you talk to me? " She suspected whether her son had something wrong with him.

He kept quiet for a while with awkward looking and replied; " Mom you could do nothing for me, you haven't done anything for me yet".  She said; " Okay you mean you are mad at us because we have done nothing for you, right?" "Yes, you never understood my feeling that's the reason I am full of shame with my friends in the city where I am now. They ride expensive motorbike, but I neither have an old one" He murmured.

"Listen my sweetheart, if you think we haven't done anything for you, how did you get there one of the most expensive city to have your higher education? Who sent to you there? That is one of the biggest city where your dad and I have ever stepped our foot yet." She replied. She stopped little bit and said; "Do you want to hear more that we haven't done anything for you? We your father and I haven't have one meal with meat for a year", she added.

While hearing the conversations between mother and son, his father who was weaving the bamboo basket on the corner of yard wiped his tears with his hands, which had thousands of wounds due to using a knife and bamboo threads for many years.
Source: Kungba's Facebook


कुङ्बा कान्छा said...

Really thanks so much Indira for this story🌹🌹🌹🌹 said...

My pleasure!