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Sunday, May 7, 2017

The beautiful memory

Childhood memory written by Jiban Phombo
Translated by Indira Chongbang

My mother was crying looking at me, I asked her why, but she didn't hear my voice. Many people of my village had gathered in my home. Most of them had tears in their eyes and some were crying. I
Jiban Phombo Writer
loudly shouted at them to ask why, but neither of them heard my voice, nor paid any attention upon my sream. They were constantly weeping. I disappointed with them and went outside.

Many people with pale faces had been sitting around. I wanted to know the reasons and went to close by them and asked why they were sad, but they also didn't hear me instead they just ignored my presence pretending they hadn't seen my existence.

I became bit anxious when people didn't notice me and turned away. On the other corner of the yard a group of my friends was whispering to each other. I saw they had also deep pain inside which was  portrayed in their faces. I tried to understand the reason what's wrong with them. I spoke loudly and asked them; " what's  wrong with you guys ? Why don't you talk to me". Nope, I didn't get the answers from them either.

I was tired roaming here and there and shouting at them loudly. How they would hear me as I had already died.  That's the reason they couldn't see me, only my soul was flying here and there. I scared little bit curious about when I died, I didn't have any idea at all. I tried to think deeply about my death but still confused, I was seeing everything and recognizing everyone. I was trying to figure out the situation. Suddenly a drop of water fell on my face and I woke up. Oops ! That was just a dream.

We many friends during the childhood had fun swimming in the river far away from the village. That was also one of those days we had gone to swim away. After swimming for a while I went to the top of big stone and stayed there enjoying the warm sun. I had slept due to warm and sunny weather and dived into that dream. I found all of my other friends were having fun in the river. I went back to swim again and after having a lot of fascination with water we returned back to home.

While resuming back to the home, I  shared my dream with my friends on the way. Most of them scared after hearing from me. One of the senior of the group said; " You are not supposed to sleep beside the river and jungle alone now onwards okay brother." I nodded my head and assured him woouldn't repeat again.
 The end


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