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Sunday, May 14, 2017

My Mother's Day a special day!

Mother’s day is a day for honor the mother of the world, which possesses the different meaning and values on each individual. Regardless of the cultural differences and other entities woman is only the one most respected in this world. In her absence, we can’t open our eyes in this world and
My Mother Janak Kumari Limbu
wouldn’t arrive to see this beautiful nature, sun and all other creatures of this world. We should proud to be here today because of our mom and we must honor our mother every moment not only on the occasion of the mother’s day. Honoring the someone who has given our lives is not completed only with a bucket of flower and some food on that day, but we have to respect her all the ways and moments to her life.

The history of this celebration in the United State has begun since early 1900s when Anna Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia held a memorial service in honor of her late mother. She never married and never became the mother, but started to honor the mother around the world on this special occasion to respect them, to honor them to realize the value of mother how important they are to all. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure officially establishing the second Monday in May as a Mother’s Day in United State.

This Mother’s day became the special day to me as I spent my whole day today with my little boy. As he is still a little one he doesn’t understand about the mother’s day, but being a mother, I tried to make him happy to thank for allowing me to be his mother of this beautiful world. He is the one who made me the mother and gave this importance and realization how my mother went through while raising me during my childhood. I honored my son for opening my eyes as I learned many things after his arrival in this world. I knew the importance of time and value of each human being and how to manage everything and live the life in shortage and difficulties.

I remembered my mother who brought into this world and wished I could be with her together to celebrate this great festival. I wished I would make her happy If I were with her with a special gift that she liked the most, but unfortunately I didn’t get this opportunity. Despite the distance between us, Mom I am always with you and will remain in your heart. This physical distance doesn’t matter in our love and nothing could be the barrier. I am in your soul and I am always thinking about you. I wish you prosperous health and everything; I am always with you in every step of your life. When you are hurt, the pain arrives at me, when you are sick, the troubles whisper to me. When you are strong and bold the happiness embarrasses me with a smile.  My prayer to you, you will remain strong and healthy always. You deserve, the more years to go beyond your age as our father has added his remaining years upon you. You are our hope and dream, which will be continued with us as your blessings. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  Love you so much!