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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Defining the eternity of love

My darling,

You may have thought that you love me with the greatest strength, your love has a purity and kindness and everything is possible if we agree with each other. I have some importance message to share with you regardless of your agreement or differences we both are the human being that all is a
Picture from everyday love letter
universal truth. Our love will be alive doesn’t matter if this world may collide or the sky may fall or any of the highest mountains may crumble, but our union is not only the last choice to make it alive, we have several options in this world that we can choose.

As a human being, first of all, we have to understand our values and responsibility towards the ones who brought here in this beautiful world, toward the land and earth who have given us the air to breathe, water for thirst and has fed the foods to existing. After having all of those materials, we should know our responsibilities, how we can give them back not as a return, but as our courtesy for being in this world and our responsibility to retain the relationship with nature and animals. We have born in this world, to cherish this beauty and we are here not only to deserve them but to beautify more and to make them prettier.

Every morning the sun shines with a beautiful smile and set at the end of the day with a goodbye rhythm of golden color. It comes to beautifying the day and goes back reminding for tomorrow. As similar, we have born here in this world with a smile of our parents and it is obvious we will leave one day from this earth but should remind the other human being and our new generations about their responsibility and for the coming days how to maintain the rhythm of humanity.

We may have several days in life, we may have brighter days with the sun, but may also have the cloudy with snow and rain. We should be ready for the battle of difficulties, with sorrow, pain, and suffering. All of those things are part of our life. We shouldn’t hesitate to overcome them, we have to follow the tips and trick to make everything may happen with a good reason and every day will embarrass with the prosperity and the fortune. None is there to live with destiny, never believe it rather try to make your fate by yourself. Everything is in your hand if you determine to do it. I have already mentioned, we have the strongest bond of love doesn’t mean it should end as other ordinary people. We have the capabilities of extraordinary and we can make our love with a real true and everlasting which can be an inspiration to our new generation with a belief and passion of doing something new not only to join the physical bodies of two.

Whatever you think, I have always respected in my thought and mind. I have carried this love throughout the heart and soul. Some almighty have returned my treasure back to me. Nothing precious and nothing greatest time may come more than this time period. Our heart and soul are conveying the expression of mingling, but we should not be limited, our thought and passion as other people.  Our love should be limitless and no boundary may prevail with that so we can fly in the open space making our journey to the infinity. Understanding our intimacy, we have formed and made for the eternal love not only the love that happens between one male and female. Our love is unique or worthwhile, nothing ever can realize.