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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The secret of Happiness

Happiness matters in everyone’s life as it is one of the entity to achieve the success. Many of us may have the misconception that we may be happy in life only after having an enormous success or achieving the biggest goal of life, but contrary to this perception happiness is the basic foundation
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which directs toward the set goals in life. So how the happiness achieved in life, whether having or possessing all the required physical items or having someone we really love in the life? We may have many doubts and speculation for happiness, but researchers and psychologists have discovered some secrets to the happiness that I am going to present to you all.

1. Connecting with people

Researchers have discovered that people who are connected with many people are happier than someone who keeps oneself alone and isolated. Discussing the pain, pressure, sadness, problems with friends and relatives or with someone who really care to help us reduce our stress and direct us toward the happiness. But many also have the belief that happiness is the inner belief and it shouldn’t be dependent on the presence of other people. But based on the research, more people found happy where they are friendly, talkative rather than the people who are grumpy and isolated.

2. Smile

A simple smile has the greatest strength of happiness, people who keep on smiling can convert the pain and pressure into the happiness. A smiling face also can convert the other sadness and trouble into the pleasure. It is a saying that even if you can’t give a penny to the beggar, just gives a smile that gives some motivation and encouragement to the people who are in trouble. Some opposition people have also said that why do you lie even you can’t express your trouble in the face? How can you hide your pain over time? Ironically people who can hide the pain and pressure and can bring a smile to face regardless of the situation, what they are facing are happier than the people who are reflecting their inner pain outside in their face.

3. Empathetic 

Being empathetic or compassionate is another secret of happiness. When we care other and show our compassion to support them and listen to other pain, pressure and trouble and eager to support them in need really bring a happiness in our life.  There is nothing more generic feeling rather than being empathetic and compassionate to the people. We have to always think that I am the strongest one and I am able to help the people who are in trouble and severe problems. The way of compassion and being empathetic to someone truly helps someone to be happy.

4.Inner peace

Many philosophers of this world believe that happiness is nothing more than inner peace. The desire of having more and more and unlimited hunger makes the people unhappy and unsatisfied. Despite having enough wealth and four limbs and all the human organs, people are sad and unhappy because they couldn’t limit their desire. Avoiding the huge desire, we can satisfy with the things whatever we have now and we can obtain the inner peace developing our personality by ourselves which help us to stay happy.