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Thursday, April 13, 2017

New year wishes

This is a new year

Forget your yesterday if you didn't  make it
As it is already past now and gone away
This is a new year on your way to come
To make a new resolution to make it alive

May this year fill your moments  with your beloved ones
May this new year bring you all the way happiness
Brighter day may embrace you with fullest
Wishing is always with you  you may have your fullest prosperity on the way

You are the hero and winner of this year
You are the one full of passion
You are the one who has the biggest goal
You are the one waiting for the victory

If you are having troublesome time now
Face with all the bothersome times
If you are not enjoying your momentums
Fight with all the circumstances
You will be the pride and prejudice
You will enjoy the outcomes of all the fight and struggle

The road could be hard filled with ices
It could be rainy day filled with the flood
The way could be filled with the thorns
Never stop your movements
You are the pedestrian of the journey
Never run away from the battle
Keep fighting and moving

May success will be in every facet of life
Happiness may embrace every moment
Keep your especial memory of yesterday
Only because it could be your strength
Enjoy your coming days with happiness
As you know why this a new year!