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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Miracles may happen one day

While diving into the emotions and deep into the beneath of life many things are uncertain. Only the certain is that we will mix in soil one day. We will go away and leave this beautiful world, even though we don’t want to go away and keep on enjoying this life. Our life is like a flower which sprouts from the bud and beautifies this nature and one day fades away and vanishes from this world. Life and death are said to be the two sisters, but the first one is beautiful and another one is horrible. Even it is sure it is hard to accept the death of someone's and our loved ones, but our rejections will be turned down and eventually have to accept the truth.
Memory of San Francisco Bayside
Our life has the different colors and has to experience the different stages. It could be sometimes so pleasurable sometimes so difficult and sometimes so excited. All are the stages and facet of our cycle.

Everyone faces the different circumstances in life, but only what we see is our own problems, own trouble, pain, and suffering. We think our suffering is more severe than others and I am only the one who is facing those situations. No-one is in this world without suffering, pain, and trouble, but only the difference is that the level and quantity could vary. Even the healthy and wealthy people may have the pain and suffering, but that we can’t see.  The degree of their suffering could be different than ours. We have to realize every human being undergoes through different circumstances and face the terrible situations, but there are always possibilities that a miracle may come one day in life with the bucket of happiness and success that we are really seeking in life.

Our life is so precious and important. We have to enjoy the fullest despite suffering and difficulties. The strength of suffering will be reduced only when we know the truth of life and expect this beautiful and shining day for coming days. We may have the hunger for love, hunger of knowledge and hunger of money to have more and better in life, but every desire should be within limit even though we have the limitless opportunities in this world. We have to share all available resources as possible as we can because we are not born for permanent occupation and everyone has equal right to share this natural substance.

Even realizing everything we are so greedy as we are more focused on oneself, for personal goal, the personal desire, and only own stomach. Many fewer people are there in this world who care for the hungry people and people who are suffering because we don’t have enough time to think about them.  When we feel poor we have to notice the people who are living the life with more severe pain than ours. When we identify our problems we have to understand the problems of other people how they faced their life and made that happened eventually.  Everyone can perform the easiest job and can live the life as all other ordinary people, but people who expect the miracle of life and move the fleet that's always definitely miracle will embrace them one day to come doesn’t matter after many years or a few years. Why only a few people are succeeding in life is because they are more optimistic and dedicated to their set goal of life and they hope the miracle in