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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Slow but steady always win the race

Everyone must have heard the story about the slow walking tortoise and a clever and a fast walker Hare which has given us an important message in life; slow but steady always wins the race. It could be a lesson of our life if we are always rush and run, we may collapse with the stone or something on
By Swapnil 
the way, but if we walk slowly, we will achieve the desired goal. It is never late to start anything despite you think you are too old or too late. Everything is possible if we keep on moving, but should have the patience and hope as like of tortoise.

Our life is not that short as we think to grab all the opportunities today and to enjoy this momentum right away. The fruit of hard work will be really tasty and beautiful that we never know and realize now. Everyone can pass through the road which is already clear and which is already created by someone, but the greatest one start through the making a new road even under the ground and water only then he is the one can make something difference. We could be nothing more than ordinary people if walk and follow the existing one but have to build the own.

Our enthusiasm and excitement should cross the boundaries of the old fashion regardless of how long it could take. Discovering something new really matters in life and gives us the greatest sense of satisfaction. The satisfaction that we achieve by bringing the smile who is crying and finding the new road to someone who is confused have really possessed the greatest satisfaction. Whenever one door close we have to find a way to go out of that room and there will always be an option that let us know how to get out of them.

This statement means we need to have a continuous and persistent effort to make something happens in life. Most of the time we people overestimate and believe that we can perform something so quickly, but when we fail become frustrated. That's why it is always wise to underestimate rather than making a false assurance. We can give enough time to achieve something instead of expecting that to complete in a short period of time.