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Friday, March 24, 2017

Relationship is made not only by blood

Many relationships foster and grow stronger and healthier not only because they are bonded by blood relationships but because of their thought and their soul of each other and come close to each other making a new tie and new connection in life which stays much consistent and everlasting.
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Same thing applies in my life relating to many people. I have planted the seeds of friendship in my garden of thought that's the reason I have been the one with an opportunity to be surrounded by the amazing people of this world. Even I am not connected with them due to blood relation with many of them but still, they are close to me similar as my family members. We share our pain, pressure, comfort, joy and happiness of life and discuss moving forward our life helping and cooperating with each other forever.

Sushila Gole dd is one of the examples and part of my life whom we are like own sibling regardless of our blood connection. We support each other emotionally and mentally as possible ways as we can. We wish our progress and prosperity to each other and help each other when needed. The fair share relationship always exists and survive for a long term where we never expect the return while helping to each other.

I am missing Sushila dad who spent with me about a week or more during her US visit while attending the CSW session 61 which was held in United Nation nation headquarters. She is one of my best friends and nearest in relation regardless of our blood relation, our caste, and origin.  We have the strongest bond of the relation of friendship that we have built for more than a decade. We have expected to live it alive forever until we will be here on this earth. I have many friends and seniors who love me and care me doesn't matter how they are related to me either by the similar notion, thought or understanding and many of them are not connected by blood.