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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dream big achieve big

Having a set of dream determines our way what to do, how to do and why to do. We scare about dreaming big because we have fear and doubt whether dreaming big could turn our way to the frustration if we don't achieve them. But from the research of the successful people of this world
Picture denotes the biggest achievement. Courtesy Google
without having a big dream we never reach there and never achieve the big thing in life. It is important to have a great vision, mission, and goal with a big mind and thought to achieve everything in a big form.

Everyone has a maximum capacity of becoming successful, but we don't become successful because we don't utilize our capacity that we have. We undervalue ourselves and point out our weakness, but never believe what we have and what are our strongest parts of the life. Fear and anxiety are the main enemy of our life which demoralize our value and strength and throw away to the edge of the road. We have to be bold enough to fight with them and to bury under our feet. Only the strongest determination supports us to fight with them.

Whatever we possess, we have to have in bigger form. Give a big hug to your loved ones, respect big, laugh big, think big and smile big to the fullest moon. Everything in the form of bigness drags us to achieve big in life. We could fail in life, not only once, but several times, but we have to have a faith in ourselves, we have to have the persistence capabilities of bearing whatever circumstances may come to life. We have to be ready to fight with any kinds of troubles that may hit us on our journey because all of them are part of our life. We have to learn from the mistakes and our setbacks because there is always room for improvements.

We can be stronger, more confident, more knowledgeable and more skillful every day if we believe ourselves and dream bigger and bigger. It doesn't mean we have to be successful within a week or a month because nothing is magic and achievable without a lot of effort, determinations and hard work. If we stop on moving, we can't achieve what we want. We have to keep on moving for the big things to achieve to make our biggest dream come true one day. Thinking of a small thing and enjoying in small boundaries don't only limit our lives, but devalue and underestimate our capacity. We should focus on the big goal to strengthen our capacity to utilize our power to the maximum level. Everything in this world is possible if we unblock our mentality and kick out the fear and doubt to the horizon where it can't even touch again.