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Friday, February 10, 2017

Tips for self-improvement

It is always fun to deserve changes in life and improve ourselves identifying our weaknesses and flaws. It is never late to start something new that we like to do or want to have in life. Everything is possible if we have the desire and put our feet to the ambition regardless of age and sexuality. Sometimes we wish we would have done many
Chitwan National Park of Nepal. Photo courtesy;
things if we were born in different family backgrounds or something else. We never change our past, but we can apply many things to make our today's and tomorrow prettier and better.
While researching how people success or what are the fundamental action they take to improve their lives every day. I have discovered some tips those help us to improve our lives at every step, every moment and every day 1. Identifying the weakness and flaws We are never complete and 100 percent perfect. We might have a lot of flaws and setbacks that we have to identify and try to improve that. It is a habit of changing our ways for the betterment. We want to make something different then we have to improve our weakness and flaws. It is very hard to find a perfection in a human being but as said 'practice makes perfect' we have to try to be a perfectionist which help to improve us a lot. 2. Acceptance Sometimes unexpected thing may happen to our life and we always reject them. If someone comments about our job we don't agree on that and keep on fighting them in order to show them our perfectionist. Sometimes we can't make changes on something even with a lot of tries and reject that failure and feel sad for not able to make that happen. It's better to accept that failure or comments taking it's normal and taking everything easily. If we take everything seriously, then everything becomes only the pain and cause of depression but if we take everything apparently it is easy to digest any kinds of rejection and failure. 3. Thinking positive Positive thinking is one of the most important aspects of changing our habit. We have to push away the negative feeling that is fear, anger, and anxiety away from our mind and thought. If we keep on thinking everything is good that may happen and expect the best thing to come it helps us to improve and keep on the track of success. Negative thinking is always an evil of mind which is more dangerous than the real enemy. It is obvious to change our mind to the positivity to improve ourselves. 4. Segregating time for self
We get busy with work, home, family, and friends don't have a chance to spend our time that we really want to do. It is very important to maintain some little time for our own self. We can have a fun by doing or enjoy our time by ourselves. We can watch the movie, read the favorite book or something else different that we are really willing to do but are stuck due to the busy schedule. It is worth finding the value managing our own time. 5.Entertainment Entertainment and relaxation are important both for mental and physical health. If we have been working a stressful job at work we have to remove that stress at home. We can talk with friends and family for an interesting thing or create something to help the people in needs. Every individual has a different perception to enjoy the moment if some enjoy helping friends, some may entertain by painting or some may have a fun while writing it depends on. It is important to have entertainment which helps us to improve our mental and physical wellness.