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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Be my valentine ( Short Story)

My dear,

I still love you so much from the core of my heart. My love is not only because I liked you so much, it is because you are in my thought and mind every moment. After I found you in this world, I realized
the existence of two sexualities in this world and understood the importance of why it is required to be two different sexes to make a family. You are only the one who is able to the role in my palace of the fantasy. You listened to my pain and pressures and everything that I didn’t have to spoil anywhere. I honor you as my man of this world as you found my shortcoming and helped me to resolve that's why I am strong enough to stand alone on my own feet along my journey and I am ample to fight with everything that may come on the way.

I am impressed with you not only because you loved me so much and cared me a lot, but your wider thought and willingness to help the people of this world. I am really amazed finding you such a man who was devoted the most of the leisure time to fill the empty stomach and a naked arm of the poor people. I was shocked when I found you were collecting the empty bottle from the garbage. I knew you were working very hard and also I was aware that you were able to pay all the bills by what you owe to pay because I knew you were earning enough from your job. I even didn’t have the courage to ask you why you were working like a homeless and jobless collecting the empty bottle every morning and keeping busy yourself even every weekend.

You are a genius, intelligent and confidence, but it took me a long time to understand who you were and what you were trying to do. I loved you and l liked you didn’t mean you had to tell me everything and I were still calm and my mouth was shut to ask anything as I was awaiting the day when you would open. I am sorry for getting the long time to get you in deep. I knew the truth when you passed the website on the message. Your name was highlighted over there and your dedication was appreciated in the bold letters. I respect your decision as you are devoted to your life helping to the people of Nepal which are our motherland and I highly appreciate your giving back to the nation with the purpose of helping people in

I have grown up my children but I am not much aware about your. If facebook hasn't invented yet,I wouldn't have found you now. It's just a last week, I came to know that you have been continuously working hard for the sake of needy people. I am so glad for knowing about you. I still love you not because of your physical appearance but because of your dignity and your willingness to do some people and that what you have been doing. There is a good reasons on your rejection when our love had been sprouting my parents were so rush to give me away. I wanted to fly away and hide somewhere else in the word if you had given me assurance but instead you showed me your ambition and turned me down. Everything has a reason probably there must of hidden secret. I don't think love should be ended by a marital relationship you are still alive in my thought.

I am still proud to be your ex- girlfriend and openly can say with everyone we were in relationship. Keep on your good deed always alive. Stay brave forever. I will pretend you be my valentines of this year in soul and thought even though you couldn't do it physically and it is not possible in practical life. We were the perfect couple of this world but we were predestined to be someone else of this world.  Though you will be remained in my thought forever.  Always be a man of this world.

Your loving

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