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Saturday, February 4, 2017

The reason why imagination turns into torment?

The biggest barrier to success in life is fear and anxiety that we have to overcome from treating our imagination. We human being are blessed to control our imaginations and thought, but still due to
Pokhara, Nepal. Courtesy; cultural trip
different reasons that convert
into the torment and we step back from the way we are trying to go.

We fear because we divert our imagination to the haul of bad things that may hurt us or impact our daily life in negative ways. I realized why I worried when my father came late at night in my early age, I had a fear that if something would have happened to my dad who would be responsible for taking care all the family ?. I knew he was the head of the family and principle of the income source. Even at that early age, I knew that his presence was necessary whatever the situations could come.

I discovered from my past experiences that, fear is generated when we imagine the worse thing in the future that may happen or not. If we think about that bad talk that people point out about our weakness or our way, what we are doing in behind, our imagination turns into torment. We feel guilty and worthless in front of them for being an imperfect entity and letting them talk about our weakness in the back.

In fact, no one is perfect in this world. Everyone has a flaw and setback, but we have to omit them and try to be a perfectionist even though it is hard to have perfection in life. If we care about the people what they talk us in back and what they think about us that is the cheapest way we are converting our mind and though in torment. If we care about the people talk,  which mean we are suffering from the fear and anxiety that are the forces which pull us back. Therefore;  in order to make us strong enough, we have to be ready to fight any kinds of cruel things and thinking. We are a human being and we should live this life equally using the freedom and privilege of being a human of this world.
In order to overcome that fear and anxiety, we have to convert our mind toward the self-confidence. We have to cure ourselves and evaluate ourselves by our personal assessments and have to make sure we are doing great because I know about me more than what others think and treat. I have to be in the right ways and storing enough to digest anything, regardless of what other people may think or treat in the back. Ignorance of the bad things that we know is the best ways to overcoming the fear and anxiety and pulling our imaginations from the torment out to the brighter spark that lit the candle of the success and makes the greatest strength to deserve needed inner power to move ahead.