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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Every dream has a seed of accomplishment

Having a dream in life possesses an incredible worth of life. We can't imagine of any time span without any dream. Many dreams might ruin on the way but we should create the one immediately. Because every dream has a seed of
Part of HK photo by Bardhoj Okhrabo
an accomplishment which fosters in the glory of our mind and thought. If we don't have any dream, there is no tomorrow for us no hope and no excitement in life. The dream is our life which carries the value, hope, cherish, enthusiasm and happiness and so forth.

This world is said to those people who had a dream of victory and a dream to make their life with a purpose. The dream is also contemporary assessments of the thought that we generate every day with every moment. Having a great thought and wider mind is the reflection of the far-sighted vision. We can create nothing new without conceiving the thoughts.

Nature has endowed the human being with the absolute power to control the thought and mind. We can chase behind our destiny that is based on the creation of our own thought. Having a dream to be a man and women of the world, absolutely has a hidden strength that directs our destiny to crawl with that support. If we lose our hope in life and don't make any dream, don't choose any ways to overcome from the hardship then we would beneath our strength to the bottom of thought which is the worst possibilities of making progress in life.

Doesn't matter small or big, long term or short term at least we should have a dream and let it seed the beginning of our accomplishments for tomorrow. If we don't plant the seeds in our garden it is worthless to expect the flower in the future. We are the gardener of our soil if we don't care, don't water, then there is zero possibility of growing the plant. We have to work hard, we have to take care and seeds on the soil, water on that and have to take care time to time only one day we find the beautiful fruit otherwise nothing will happen. Likewise, we are the mentor and director of our soul, we can control everything if we generate the willpower to foster everything and every dream to make tomorrow prettier than today and to be the man and woman of the world. Goodluck!