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Monday, February 6, 2017

The major reasons of attractions to the United State and the current scenarios

United State is considered as the greatest democratic country in the world because of the freedom of speech, religion, and expression which is the achievement of the first amendment of the US constitution. Here
Statue of Liberty located in NY city
people are not allowed to discriminate based on the race, color, religion and origin. This country is the greater because the human rights are preserved and celebrated mostly. This country is also known as the country of immigrants as the people around the world came here and make their new home place.

Many people came to this nation for the opportunities and a better life to deserve. Still, people from the different countries, regardless of financial circumstances and occupation have a dream to put their feet once in this country. Different people from the different corner have gathered here with a respective purpose. One of the reasons people came from different countries is to freely practice their religious norms and values which are banned in some the countries. The second reasons of people attraction in this land are to deserve the human rights and their basic fundamental rights which mostly prevailed and celebrated in this nation.

This country is also considered as a land of opportunity as it is able to provide the jobs for all levels of people regardless of education, skill and their ability to speak. In other ways, opportunities are available to all levels of people depending on their willingness and learning ability. That's the main reason it has been the most attractive place in the world. The government facilities, other available resources, the technological advancement and development of this country are also other subsidiary factors for the attraction of the people throughout the world.

The victory of the new president Donald Trump and his executive orders of the establishment of the wall to ban the illegal entry and temporary ban on Muslim from their major countries have raised the fear and doubts to the many people who have been dreaming their future here but they don't have legal status. I am not encouraging the people to stay illegally, but what I mean is there should be a proper settlement for all of those who have already spent their precious moments of life and living for the hope of tomorrow. If all of the non-documented immigrants will be deported, the US economy will be badly affected because all small businesses have survived with the help of them. They have been working comparatively lower wages than the documented immigrants. Their contributions to the United State economy is remarkable. People have been living here for a long time, they have given birth to the child and they have grown up here.

Whoever born here have been the citizen of the United State, if their parents will be deported, how their children who are already the citizen of the United State can survive alone without their parents? They have to feed and take care of the US citizen and have been contributing to this nation paying the indirect taxes to the nation which is incredible. Without the immigrants, nothing is possible in this country. If the government doesn't want the illegal immigrants there should be the specific provision that minimizes the overstay or prohibit to stay longer. The government can maintain and regulate the new provision to the newcomer, but it is not fair to blame the existing people who have lived their lives without any guilt. May God bless America!