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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tips for managing emotions

We human being are naturally emotional. The creation of fear, anxiety, and anger are the result of emotional feelings. Managing the emotion is one of the best parts of emotional well-being. The
Hong Kong Scene by Bardhoj Okrabo 
emotional feeling is directly connected to the brain and also related to the physical well-being.

Different psychologists have conducted the research, regarding the emotional well-being and discovered some tips which are useful for managing every day. We may reach to the negative emotional state when the opinion of the other people who works with us together may deviate from us. We have to be wise taking the action and think twice before we speak up. Following are the helpful tips:

1. Happiness

Everyone prefers the happy face and like the people who can maintain the charming mood that is also called the to do or enthusiastic mood. I know and understand totally we can't be happy all the time, but as said nothing is possible in this world if we try we can maintain. I haven't used this strategy yet, but definitely, will use if needed. Research papers admit to the people and ask them to go to the restroom for a while and forget everything for.  We have to stay in front of the mirror and make our face funny and laugh. Laughing oneself alone relieves from the tension and diverts us toward the happy face that is useful to be enthusiastic in a working environment.

2. Closing your mouth

Sometimes unexpected reaction directly slams us unknowingly that might be due to our own mistake or sometimes that may happen due to the misunderstanding from the second party. If we know we are not guilty, then we reply back immediately to defense ourselves and to prove we are fair and concise enough. But nobody is perfect in this world and if someone blames us blindly let's hold our emotions shutting our mouth for a while. We can explain in detail if we didn't make any mistake later on when the second person calms down. If we made a mistake it's always wise to accept the mistake.

3. Giving 15 minutes of time out of the tension

If we keep on staying with the same people and same environment that our emotion stimulates the negative reasons during the misunderstanding. We are panicked with the surroundings and we feel our body reacts us negatively, it is wise to leave that environment for a few minutes and give that time to our own. We can relieve and take breaths in the cold air outside. We can perform some yoga or stretch our muscles. We can empty our minds or push all the negative feeling away spending time alone for a while. It is better to resume back after we feel okay and we are ready to resume back to the former mood.