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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The first love letter

My dear first love,

First of all, I would like to thank you so much for coming in my life and letting me grow our love in the garden of my thought. You didn’t forget to water it every day and to heal with generous support.  We have been the shareholder of this great planet of the earth. I owe you a great respect and incredible gratitude for this journey that we have been walking along the way.
Picture Courtesey Ran B Thebe
Your care and hard work to foster our love let it to alive for the indefinite period of time.

It was not so easy to get along this journey as we were already married for the first time. I am so sorry for not being the first component of your life. Regardless of my marital status, you are my first love that I have been experiencing the true love and realizing the truth that the true love never die. We were just a friends before and had spent many years together without any understanding of our love.

I had heard that the friendship between the opposite sex was impossible, but we did make it happen, showing the great empathy and support to each other. We began the journey of this love when we lost our first loved ones, unfortunately. I was in the dark holistic hole that I had never imagined in my life that may have happened. But I became able to come out of that hollow because of you. If you were not there for me probably I might have lost my hope of new life and I may have lost my new lights of the coming days. As a widow, I would have spent my days with white clothes and with a prayer for the gone one. But because of your presence, my thought and determination changed and you became the hero of my life, how supportive you became to the fracture alien of this world and let it grow and foster in the love of your garden.

You kindle the light on the darkness that I was surprised the presence of the light as  I had already lost and it was unexpected for me to resume again. You are so precious creature in my life without your presence I might have lost my happiness and joy of remaining life, but you helped me to resume that back again in my life. Your presence is so incredible in my life, you are the one who renewed my life once after shading away from the light. I am so grateful to you that I can’t reimburse your gratitude with any values. Your persistent companionship and determination to live your remaining life with me have innumerable values and I am indebted to you and want to live this life just for you.

I  would like to thank you again for your purity and consistent love that you grew in your life for me. I must be the luckiest creator of this world for taking this birth in this world as I didn’t have to wait until the next life to feel the purity of your companionship. You are so great, your motive, your thought, and determination to fight for the society for me are remarkable to make the history. You must be the first person who brought this courage to make the true love alive even after losing the one session. Thank you so much for your love and your support. I am here today because of you and I hope your persistent support will remain with me for the indefinite period of life.
( This is just a imaginary letter to the loved one)