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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Technique of self-empowerment

Self-empowerment is an inner willingness to take our life to the next level, it is a process to reach the height where we want to be one day.  Without taking the responsibility of anything, we can’t achieve any height in life. We have to face the hurdle and take the challenge to break the ceiling. We are responsible for our life and we have to judge our life by our thought and mind. We many might have
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a wrong belief that we blame our fate and destiny for our failures but never realize that we are the sole responsible for that failure rather by mistake or carelessness. We have to learn the lesson from the past and mistake that we made and fuel the engine to move on.

We are the sole dictator and director of our life. No one else is there who can do something for our success because everyone is busy on their own goals. Our mindset can be frequently changing from positive to negative, sad to happy, active and passive and vice versa. We have to empower our mind, proactively taking toward the positivity and creativity to empower our inner thought to move a step ahead to reach the destination. Nothing is impossible in this world if we can control our mind and dictate the correct path to crawl.  Self-empowerment is one of the best choices for success and happiness to do everything possible that we want to have.

1. Taking a break for doing nothing.

We are always worried about our work and our jobs. We never finish and keep on busy every moment. We forget about our life, about our own mind and thought because our goal would be to finish the job done on time. It is definitely true, we should concentrate on what we have been doing, but if we don’t care ourselves, we will be tired soon and it could be the barrier to achieving a long-term goal. Instead of focusing all the time same thing,  we have to take 10-15 minutes break disconnecting from everything and everyone.  We have to take that time to chill our own. Think nothing and do nothing blow your mind with cold air and relax. This is just a kind of mind exercise, which refresh our mind and we can resume our fresh energy back to the work.

2. Thinking about others. 

We become sad, frustrated,  distracted by thinking a lot about our own problems. We don’t have time to think about other thinking our own needs and requirements. This is one of the bad habits, allowing our life just to think of us. How about other people if we make them happy, please and grateful helping with our tiny effort. We have to segregate our time to think about doing something to the people.
Our tiny contribution,  our little support can make a big difference sometimes. Therefore, instead of concentrating on own problems and needs, we have to divert our mind doing something. We can save us even a single penny for the needy people or orphans who don’t have clothes to cover their arms and don’t have foods to join their hand and mouth. Thinking about helping someone and pleasing the people by heart gives us a great strength of self-empowerment.

3. Living in the present.

The Past is already gone that can’t come back and future has been never sure what happens tomorrow. We have to make a habit of living in the present because holding the grudges always holds us back. We human being are not perfect and we may have made several mistakes in the past that may make us feel guilty, sad, anxious and disappointed. We have to let it go and delete that past event from our mind. As said earlier, we can’t make any changes in the past, therefore, if we feel sad and guilty for the past that is just a wastage of time. We have to live the life in the present which is more important than even the future. We have another bad habit of worrying about the future. We have to try to make everything as of our desire but doesn’t mean everything may happen as per our wish. We have to fight and face every challenge that may encounter our way.

4. Believe yourself.

We have to acknowledge our own capacity and trust ourselves. It makes us make a better decision, and empower the self-confidence. Trusting is a way of self-empowerment, it embraces our own hidden talent and achievement. We have to grateful for what we have done so far during this life and appreciate for the accomplishment.  If we believe ourselves and to the people, we will push away the fear, dread, and anxiety away. We have to keep on sharing our success and happiness which also help to boost the confidence.

5. Meditation and relaxation

Taking a few moments to meditate and concentrate possesses an ultimate pleasure which helps to self-empower everyone.  In order to be strong and self-confidence, we have to make our mental perception, strong enough to get out of everything.  Meditation helps us to keep mentally and physically well fit. We will relax and empower our brain, which also fuels us to be stronger toward the positivity and greatness.