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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tips for making happiness contagious

Happiness is the reflection of inner peace and satisfaction. We may have the wrong perception about the happiness as our many beliefs contain that it is obtained after having an enormous success in life or
Source from Remez Sasson
earning the huge amount of money. Contrary to the general belief; happiness is the foundation and strength of all the success and accomplishment. After we realize this fact, we try to be happy, but don't know how to be.

From my everyday research, I have discovered some tips which help to keep the people happy and make them moving forward toward the progress, success, and achievements of the desired goal in life. Happiness is everything which controls our life and dictates the way where to follow the right path at the right time. Below are some points;

1. Having control of mind

We should be control of our inner power not due to the influence of the outer environment. Everything happens in nature are environmental creations it could be sometimes frustrating, annoyed and bothersome, but our mood should be influenced by our inner thought. We shouldn't let our feeling and reactions be influenced by that outer movements.We have to control our mood not to change due to the outer crowd doesn't matter either we may be fighting by ourselves with that circumstance. Our inner souls and mind should be constantly toward our inner strength which keeps us in the same state of mind and strong enough without hesitation to cope everything that may occur every day.

2. Always think about the solutions, but not the problem 

One of the glass ceilings of the happiness is we always think about the problem but we scare about the solution. We have to always stay strong and if any problems occur on the way we have to think about the resolutions rather than constantly panicking on that situation. Thinking the solutions all the time make us strong and happy.

3. Behave proactively 

Whenever our mind brings some sad moments in mind or any horror, fear, and anxiety we have to proactively change our mind toward the pleasant moment that we may have spent with our friends and loved ones. Life fluctuates every moment with good or bad stuff but we have to delete the bad memory and harvest the good ones watering every day. Sometimes bad experience suddenly may attack us that tends to haul us to the frustration, but without spending much time we have to divert our thoughts and mind toward the exciting moments of life. We know that past is already gone and it will never come back, that's ways it is always wise to forget and delete the sad memories from our mind and thought.

4. Don't expect the happiness from others rather try to make someone happy 

Never envy the happiness may come into your life due to someone in contrary, try to make someone happy even by your tiny contributions and support. We may offer the seat to the disabled and elderly people while riding the public bus and transportation,  we may offer the lift to our friends if we have our own vehicle. We have unlimited opportunities to please the people, but those are always invisible. Our tiny support to our colleagues at a rough time may give them a big relief, our simple smile to the people in difficult time may fill with the excitement and enthusiasm. That we have to apply in our daily life to embrace the happiness.

5. Always try to smile

A simple smile has the biggest positive power of our internal immune system. We have to practice smiling most of the times. It doesn't come by itself but we have to keep on trying to associate with the happy people, watching the comedy and having fun with the loved ones. We can be inspired by the many people in the world who we like the most. We can watch the favorite movie, read the favorite books and if sometimes intends to spend alone we have to keep alone. Those ways help us to keep happy every day.