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Sunday, February 12, 2017

History of Valentines Day !

Every 14th of February is celebrated as a day of love within the United State and around the world, exchanging the symbol of love; flowers, gifts, and candies between the loved ones.  It is in the name of valentines and it is considered as the love day to exchange the soul and heart to each other to mingle the one.
This day is also taken as the appropriate day to purpose the love to the loved one. But many people don’t understand the history of this day and even don’t pay any attention to know who was the real hero of this love day who branded the day and let it be of this day today.

The history of the valentine is still in majesty. There are different beliefs about the St. Valentines, who was he and why the day started to celebrate. The history contains the vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. But still, the curiosity remains with us who exactly he was the St. Valentines and why it this day is associated with him?. This day is considered as the second largest celebration of Christmas in the world according to the sale reports of the valentines card among the world.

According to the Catholic Church, at least three different saints named valentines who were martyred early in their age. But the history adds only one of the valentines who was the priest who served during the third century in Rome. During that time, the Emperor Claudius II  thought that the single men better served in the soldier rather than a man who have wife and families. Then he decided to outlaw the marriage to the young men. Valentine who was serving as a Priest realized it was total injustice to the men of the decree and continued to perform the marriage of young lovers in the secret place.  After Claudia discovered this truth, he ordered he would be put to death. It is assumed that the valentine may have been killed by the Emperor later on the day of this same day mid of Feb and the day was beginning as the day of love in the commemoration of his death.

One of the other legends tells that an imprisoned Valentine actually sent his first valentine greetings himself after he fell in the love with a young girl who was the daughter of a failure. She had visited him during his confinement. He sent the letter to his beloved one before the day of his confinement and that love of expression is still used until today. That is the reason this day carries the symbol of love with the different history and assumptions, even though the truth is still in murky.

Whatever is the history we are able to understand the celebration of the day it is connected with the join of two hearts and soul whether the two mingle to be the one. Love is one of the most powerful feeling in the world which carries the magical thought which fill the life with colors  and brings the miracles between the two different instincts of this world.

It is the day to celebrate, to exchange the deepest feeling and warmest love from the heart, which has the emperor power that rule the life throughout its existence. Finding the loved ones is the wonderful moments of life which brighten the day and may make the people feel responsible and attention toward being a member of a new family. Let’s deserve the day of valentines and I wish you all the Happy Valentines Day. May miracles happen in your life to embarrass your journey together ahead!