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Monday, January 30, 2017

Opportunity is available everywhere in the world

If you can support give the moral support if not keep silent.

Almost one thousand hundred Nepalese are considered living in the United State. Some are legally resided holding the green card and citizenship and some may have been living in the process of documents. After the victory of Donald Trump as a new President of United State,  he signed many
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executive orders to deport the non-documented immigrants from the United State. Much Nepalese who are living in the United State without the legal document or fighting for the legal status seem in fear whether they are going to be deported very soon.

One of my friends who has just proceeded her paper in United State called me early in the morning and expressed her fear that she was not sure what would happen and was many suspects and doubts that she may be deported by the Trump government. One of my friends said, she thinks it's better to prepare her luggage to go to Nepal because she has just filed for the legal document, but she lost her hope as the Trump signed different executive orders which are against the immigrants and the possibilities of deportation. She also mentioned that many Nepalese who are holding the legal status proudly announcing to the Nepalese community that the non-documented are removing soon from America. I just heard what she was talking about and felt for her and assured that she won’t be deported unless she has made some criminal history or record.

I was thinking a lot and searching for the current news and executive orders which were signed by the current president Trump. On the mean time, one of my friends called me and said she just filed the case for a few months ago but she is not scared even the Trump wants her to go to Nepal. She was so bold and strong as she mentioned that opportunities avail around the world this is not only the place to work and survive. I am so impressed with what she said. Of course, we can do and grab the opportunity wherever in the world. Until and unless we have our own four limbs and don’t loose our brain we are ready to face any kinds of circumstances. We are here in America, not only to survive, but to do something better, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have a place or space available to work in the world.

So, I request you all brothers and sisters of Nepalese community, please give moral and emotional support to the people who are scared and living their lives in fear due to the recent executive orders with companionship, love and providing the right information. Trump is going to deport the nondocument immigrants doesn’t mean all people who are staying in America without legal status is arrested and send back to Nepal. Many of the illegal immigrants may be deported, but only if they are involved in any criminal activities or record in the file, but not all who are staying here peacefully just work at home. Please let's not make them scared more what they have with them due to our announcement who have been holding the permanent residency and citizenship.

I am really impressed by one of my friend who was so strong and ready to face any kind of result due to the new rules and regulations. Of course, we are from the country who never deviated from any kind of enemy in the past. We are here for better opportunity doesn't mean we can’t find the opportunity in Nepal and we don’t have anything in Nepal. We can do many things in our own motherland. The man like Mohair Pun had a great vision in Nepal, why do we scare to be deported? Please be strong and wider your eyes with a great vision. First and foremost things there is no possibilities of deportation without any criminal history and if in case it may happen America is not a country where we can survive and leave, we can make the place and room everywhere in the world and may seek the many beautiful things in our own motherland.