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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We can renew every day

We could have faced many things yesterday that was difficult to overcome from but today we have an opportunity to renew our life again. It is yesterday and we can't change it, it has already gone away from us but only the outcomes remain on our thought. We should remove the bad things of yesterday,
bad moments, bad outcomes and bad result because we always have an opportunity to make it better for today and tomorrow. We have to utilize this opportunity to renew our life again for the lasting period.

We face different challenges every day and stagnant in our relationship and it's really toughest time to overcome from those situations. But we are living the life for ourselves. We might have lost our loved ones and shattered severely, might have divested but we have to renew our life every day. Every day can be an opportunity to make something new, to do something exciting if we believe ourselves and faith in us.

We have to grab the opportunity making something better for tomorrow which is guided by today. We can't have everything favorable with us but we shouldn't blame the people for our difficulties and problem. We are the core conductor of our life no matter who enters and leave our companionship. We have to take the responsibility by ourselves rather blaming someone else for having a hard time. Sometimes, difficulties and suffering are created artificially if we keep on blaming someone who we think are the cause of our problem or trouble. We have to love the people surrounding us regardless of what they do or don't for us.  Humanity has a great strength, we have to respect everyone and should help them to resolve their problem if possible as we can

It's always easy to point the fingers at someone but we never realize the rest of the four fingers are pointing us back. We have to improve our weakness rather pointing someone's else and have to see everything in wider vision rather shrinking our thoughts. One of the major emotional well-beings is controlling our emotions. Sometimes due to various circumstances, we get out of the control which eventually turns into destructive outcomes and directs toward the bigger problem. We have to manage our emotions and temper. We can't yell out and accuses the people of something that comes to be wrong.
We have to turn our thoughts and mind toward the positivity. Everyone in this world is beautiful, supportive, compassionate, faithful and respectful. We have to start respecting the people if we want the respect back from them.  We have to identify our own weakness and improve ourselves every day rather pointing to the other fault. We might be in the haul of guilt if we keep on noticing others weakness instead of improving ourselves.  Everything is possible in this world, but we need the exact compassion to renew our life every day with a new thought and mind which always ends with better stuff and better day today.