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Monday, January 2, 2017

The New Year Resolution

The new year has embraced us with the hope of happiness and blessings. The wishes may come to be true in everyone's life. We are looking forward the better life, prosperity and real glory that comes to
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be true one day. Many people make several resolutions for this New Year every year, but some bring them true, but some give up on the way.

In order to bring it to be true in life, it should be a smart resolution. Many expert and experience people say it's not a big deal to make a resolution rather sticking with it is somehow rare as many people give them up on the way. I have heard from many friends and relatives who decide to give up smoking, drinking and some of them make a big and unrealistic plan.  Everyone has to have some changes in mind and it is better to have some resolutions rather than not having ones. Even the time bound can throw us on the edge of the road, but thinking of doing something is at least make some differences in life.

According to the expert and successful people, we should make our goal realistic, achievable, measurable and attainable. As there is a traditional statement; " Don't swallow the bone before observing your throat". Of course, we have to evaluate our past, present and future if every time bound for our goal is connected to each other. We allow indulging our set goal if is realistic and everything we have the support it to do.

I have also set some resolutions for this year, but I don't want to disclose all of them. Sometimes, I am confused by myself being a working mother, taking care my kid and cooking, preparing him whether my goal would be attainable or not. I will definitely share my resolutions for this year on the next new year. But I have set a tiny goal that I know I will definitely attain it. I will start to save $20 per month in my picky bank deducting my coffee expense. At the end of the year, I will use that money to purchase warmer clothes for the needy people of my village and provide them to save from the cold. I hope this is my new resolution with the hope of doing something and giving back to my country.

We should have a faith on us making something different. We can create new things and new ways of living. The pleasure of living the life with creativity cannot be found while enjoying the physical comfort and joy. The vanity of greatness that thrives in the garden of creativity can't be found in this world which is more precious than what we have in the materialistic life.

In addition, our life is more precious than anything either relationship or person's perception about us. We know the value of our life more than what others know us. We are bound to live our life. We should care our health more and family in order to do something for others. We should treat our mind, make our mind and thought. We can't do anythings to the people unless we are well enough ourselves. My suggestions to all the people on this auspicious occasion of the new year, let's make the resolutions on behalf of humanity and let's save this world with the peace and prosperity but the first thing is you have to bring that in your mind. I hope and wish more happiness and blessings may embrace you all to this year and all your dream may come to be true. May God bless you all!