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Thursday, December 29, 2016

This is my Birthday!

Dear All!

Thank you so much for wishing my birthday. It means a lot for me. I am so glad having you all amazing people in my life. You have made my day wonderful today even I was working during this
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special day, I was bound by the sense of feeling of your unconditional love that was revealed throughout my heart. I am so proud for having you all in my world. I wouldn’t be this much wiser and generic without your emotional support and wishes. Your prayers and thought have given me a great strength to move forward in life.

I am feeling so glad and blessed because of your presence in my world. Many friends and relatives started to spark the flood of wishes since yesterday as it was already today in Nepal and India. I understood today how important in life, having the friends and relatives in my life like you. I don’t have any words to express my gratitude to you and I am so proud that you have made me, I am really overwhelmed today and I am grateful to you all for being an important part of my life.
I am so thankful to my Mom who brought me into this world carrying in her womb for nine months. I can feel how tough it was during those days. I can realize now how difficult for her to grow me. I mightn’t have let her sleep when she was tired, she couldn’t have eaten when she was hungry and she didn’t have enough rest when she needed. My first respects and gratitude go to my mother on this special day. If she were not in this world, I wouldn’t be standing here now. There is nothing more precious than my parents in this world. They always owe my first gratitude for being a human of this world.

Secondly, I realized today how important to have a true friend in life. It doesn’t matter for the physical distance to remember and wish to your closest friend wherever you are. I must have forgotten to wish many of your birthdays because I don’t visit the Facebook every day. But I learned that how worth, it is for praying for someones for the prosperity and wellbeing. Every human being is pondering in different circumstances, but putting aside all of the stuff there is nothing more than a true friendship in this world. I wish to have your blessing forever until I am alive in this world. Once again thank you so much!