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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fill the blank with good stuff

Our mind is like a blank vacuum which we fill every time and every day with many things that we bring by our thoughts and thrives them dwelling the seeds. How to fill the vacuum of mind depends
Photo By Bardhoj Okhrabo
on how we want to dwell our thoughts that direct and determines the road to go along.

We couldn't have favor all the time with the positive people and relatives surroundings. Sometimes even we think someone close to us, but for some reason, they could appear against us. It is a human nature to spread the bad rumors and hide the good thing of others. We have to prepare to encounter all kinds of things that make us ready to fight with any kinds of battle in life. Never expect everything to happen well because you are honest with them doesn't mean they are also honest with us. We have to have the ability to convert their conspiracies into our opportunity to learn a great lesson in life. It doesn't mean we should suspect our relatives, but the matter of concern is that we should be ready to tackle any kinds of feedback from the people to whom we believe either their intentions could be negative or positive.

We always take our own problem bigger than other problem and worry about tomorrow. I understand and have realized that this is a nature of human being to compare with others and find oneself in the miserable haul. If we keep on thinking miserable and driving us poor, then the fortune that is set by almighty comes itself in the same way what we have doubts on it. Therefore we have to fill our blank mind always with the positive aspects, positivity thinking and expect the good things that might occur in your life. Even the bad things might come in our life without our speculation, we have to divert that hard times into happiness and opportunities.

We are not alone in this journey but never be dependent you have someone on your side to hold your hand in difficulty. Prepare yourself by your inner thought and mind. You can dig your power and strength to make it strong enough. We have to believe with people and respect their kindness and support, but never be blind and believe they are 100 percent on your side. They may change today or tomorrow for some unexpected reason. Therefore, fill your blind mind always good things that may occur in life, but don't be dependent and overestimate your skills and circumstances, believing that you are with the full of hopeful and optimistic people in your world. Rather you have to prepare yourself, you have to strengthen your feeling, your mind, your thought with a great thing that enables you to go any kinds of battle in life and make it happens the good things that bring happiness, prosperity and everlasting joy. No one can do that for us, we are the sole creator for doing and bringing the everlasting peace and happiness that thrives in our blank mind.