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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Life with uncertainities

We are living the life with uncertainties, we are here today but not sure what happens tomorrow. I have deeply been saddened due to the departure of my one of my aunts( mother's younger sister). I
Rest In Peace Chhayma.
felt like yesterday she was talking with me nicely, but I heard today she left this world forever. I have been broken down into thousands of pieces, but I don't have any choice except accepting this truth.

It's very hard to believe how this could happen as she was well before going to the surgery ward. She spoke to me two times before that time. She was almost paralyzed due to some stroke, but the god saved her life and she was taking the privilege to live because of her destiny. She had shared her experiences of her suffering what was going on her life. She wasn't worried about her health but she was worried because she had left her old mother in law with her daughter alone at home and she was sad because her sister in law was living her life with the machine. She never thought she had cultivated the bigger disease than other but just kept on worrying about others and telling the stories how she felt for them. But I don't know why the destiny gave hope to the family and relatives and took her away eventually. When I heard this news today early in the morning, I had just reached to my work I couldn't perform well as usual ordinary days because my eternal capacity was tired and my nerves were not in the perfect conditions.

I am shattered and smashed and devasted due to her passing away, but I can't deny this truth and the order of almighty. I have a regret that I never got a chance to check the status of my cousin( son of my aunt) because I kept busy myself with a lot of stuff. I had heard the news from my relatives she was getting better after her surgery as it has been a week she went to the operation theater. My mom, her elder sister was waiting to see her after her recovery and was very excited to resume their usual course of life, but unfortunately, she left not only her sister but whole family and relatives in this world.

I remembered her voice of Limbu Hakpare which she recited when she came to my father last ritual farewell ceremony. When she met her sisters, she used to recite the cultural songs,  I realize now the reason why she used to do so. She was leaving this world soon so she wanted to make some memories on her sister's mind that would remain forever. She was so kind and nice I never heard her madness either to her children or anyone else. Probably God always chooses the nice and kind people to take with them in a rush.

I know she left everyone and my cousins and Uncle are having a hard time at this moment. I express my heartfelt condolences and sorry for her departures. May god provides the strength to all to bear this sorrow and I know she went away from us, her soul will remain in the heaven alive forever. May your soul Rest In Peace chhayama. Even you are not with us you will be remained in our mind and thought forever! Rest In Peace!