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Thursday, December 15, 2016

True beauty shines through heart

Everyone likes to be beautiful and everything that we like is beautiful things. Beauty is an attraction of our eyes. We like a beautiful place, beautiful house, beautiful person and everything is connected with beauty. But the true beauty lies within and it shines through the heart. Even the people who are
Beautiful photo by Bardhoj Okhrabo
beautiful on its face, features and body don't mean they could be the beauty of their thought and heart.

The outer beauty can be made and prepared. We can make a natural beauty of applying the color and decorations. We can make a beautiful house, beautiful place filling with artificial entities which are required to decorate. Even an ugly person can change their appearance by plastic surgery. Everything is possible in this world to make it happen, but the value of inner beauty is more important than what someone might appear by its outer looks. Everyone wants to be pretty by itself, but we are the nature of the gift and not equally beautiful as all of our natural structure.

Some could be very beautiful by its appearance, but despite the physical appearances, some could be beautiful by the inner thought and soul. In fact, the inner beauty is more precious and valuable than the outer beauty and it is beyond the physical outlooks. We can change the outer beauty, but if someone is ugly by its thought and heart it is quite difficult to change it.  Beautiful thought and mind are appreciated by all the human beings. All the great people in the world have been popular not because they had a beautiful appearance, but they had a beautiful thought and a beautiful soul. Inner beauty is achieved and developed by the people of self-determination, esteem, and self-motivation. Someone should have the dedication to be beautiful by blissful thought, kindness and generosity it isn't only applying the artificial cosmetic on the face and body.

Inner beauty is more preferable than outer beauty because outer beauty is always for temporary as a makeup can make someone pretty for awhile, but it doesn't last and it goes away after washing off the face but inner beauty lies in the lasting period of time. A beautiful people is can't be guaranteed he/ she could be nice, but an inner beauty has a confidence in believing the people thought and intention for making something difference who has an unconditional love, compassion, and kindness that comes from the soul