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Monday, December 12, 2016

Sustainable Happiness

Sustainable happiness is not something which is delivered by someone or something but it is achieved and obtained within. We can be happy having spending the precious moments with the loved ones and getting something precious gift from someone special in some moments. But the happiness which is connected with people and physical stuff are not the sustainable happiness. In
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order to have the everlasting happiness we have to dwell it in our mind, in our thought and on our own garden of soul that remains forever with us regardless of changes in the relationship or losing the physical stuff.

We all are predestined into different sectors of comfort and pleasure. Some might have a great relationship and strong bond with the family and loved ones, but some might also have the life that needs to be spent the journey alone. We can't guarantee the someone who has the family and favor will have the sustainable happiness because of the finding of the research; the happiness which is obtained due to the deliberation of something or physical attachment will remain always temporary in life rather and the happiness which is achieved by the inner soul will be everlasting until the death.

I am not discouraging to have the happiness having the life of a beautiful family, friends and loved one. I don't mean to people to be a monk to have the salvation and to get inner happiness, but I am just spreading the mantra of happiness which could be dwelled inside of our memory rather than having something that will make us happy for a while. In order to have the sustainable happiness, we have to be relief from the greediness and spending the monotonous life with the ambition of earning huge money. We could earn million of money by watering our sweat day out the day , but we can't be happy only earning the money because it is just a something that we achieve for physical well-being.

Moral behavior and mental wellbeing are directly connected with our physical wellbeing. If we collect the inner peace and happiness we will be healthy and wealthy, but regardless of property, we could be sick due to lack of inner happiness. If we don't have sustainable happiness we keep on thinking about negative things and keep us angry and mad even with a tiny reason with people.

Sustainable happiness is possible only by the self-practice, motivation and collecting the self-satisfaction of our own. We should  identify the value of being myself despite the shortage of many things in life. We have to give self-respect and worth to our own opinion and if sometimes we want to magnitude our though in the motiveless direction, can leave in that way to sail for a time being. But we should have the ability to return it back to the right track having the excitement and everlasting joy which should be created by inner heart but not by something or someone else.

We know what is importance in our life and have to figure out which is the right things to have the sustainalbe happiness. Digging something dig inside with the hope of something and being dependent with someone in life might provide temporary happiness  in life. We have to find out our own journy of having the happiness which can sustain with us until we live in this earth which is possible only by our own inner soul and thougth but not with someone we spend our time neither it is something we receive as a prize.