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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Identifying own values

We many people don't know and understand our own value rather we identify only the other who has a great job, family, relatives, and everything. We are good at identifying our own problem and
Beautiful Flower By Bardhoj Okhrabro
weakness rather than our own strength and value. We always think our problem is bigger than what other people have and think that I am only the one in this world having suffered and trouble.

None of the life has been set 100 percent perfect ways. Everyone has problems, setbacks, flaws, and suffering, but only the difference is how we tackle and handle them. The people who understand the value and meaning of life have the capacity to handle the problem and suffering wisely than the person who doesn't identify the own value. We always see someone who is better than us, who has better life, better job and better earning. This kind of comparison makes us feel so sad and we lose our value and confidence of enjoying the life. We forget to recognize our own value and importance to the people and society rather think that I am the most unfortunate one in this world because I don't have this and that as my friends have a better life that than what I have.
In order to identify our own value, we have to understand us deeply who we are, how are own contribution is great for the family, siblings, parents, children and everyone surrounding us.

Even though we might not have been able to help them as needed, but we are the important part of their life because even we can't give money or physical possession but at least we can console them when they are sad. We can spread our love to them, can contribute our little help regardless of the ways we choose to do. Our love, compassion, and empathy are important to our family, friends, and relatives. We have to identify our own value how I could be helpful to someone in need instead discovering myself useless component.

Despite of people's negative thought and treatment toward us, if we keep on identifying our own value in this world we will be able to prioritize the work that needs to be done within a certain period of time. It makes us emotionally strong enough to face any kinds of challenges that come to us. We can confront any kinds of setbacks and battle in life if we are mentally strong which is possible if we identify our own value and importance of living our own life in this world. I assume myself, I am a precious to my family, friends, and relatives regardless of what they think and treat me.  I apply same things among the people ignoring their bad talk or negative thought. I am strong enough to handle any kinds of challenges in life and want to prepare you all of the same ways doesn't matter what kind of situation you are having now.