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Saturday, December 3, 2016

The mentor to be satisfied with what we have

We always feel some shortage in life, even though we seem we have many things with us. No one in this world is perfectly fulfilled and everyone in the world is running behind something to achieve more and better than what we have now. To some extent, it is good to have hunger of achievement
Beautiful Scene of Hong Kong by Bardhok Okhrabo
and to intend to have a better life than what we have now, but sometimes unsatisfactory feeling diverts us to the anxiety and depression which doesn't only kill our skills and abilities but could completely ruin our future. So it's better to be careful about having a hunger in life.

Even we have a lot of stuff at home, our thought keeps on willing to buy this and that. But we never fully satisfied with what we have in our life and keep on spending our sweats cheaply buying all of the things to fill our rooms or space. We have to try to utilize our available resource to the optimum level before spending the money. We could have enough money to buy them, but we have to think that there are numerous people in the world who are living their lives in scarcity to join the hand and mouth. Even our single penny of saving our foods or another resource might play a vital role in their survival. Let's not spend all of the resources for ourselves, but let's think the people who are in trouble and suffering.

One of the common bad habits with most of us is compared with the people who are having the better lifestyle and enjoying the life of luxury. We feel so down comparing with the rich people of this world and forget the value and meaning of our own life. We have to understand that nothing is similar and none of the human being's life runs at the same pace of speed, everyone, and every individual life is different. We are unique in this earth that's the reason we couldn't have the lifestyle as same as other. Comparing our life with other people just make us sad rather let's accept the uniqueness and satisfy with what we have and what we have given to us by nature and god but it doesn't mean we have to be ideal.

The mentor of living the life satisfied with what we have is to simplify the life and be thankful and grateful for what we have now. Many people are suffering from various things in the world. We have to look always the people who are living the life with less resource than what we have. Even the people who don't have the money as of us, having a grateful life. We have to be thankful for whatever we have been provided and given to us by our destiny and luck. Never care other how they are living, but try to maintain your own, which better for you, your  family member and all the human being.

One of the most influential things that matter for the satisfaction is our connection with friends. We might find many people who are negative in attitude and talking about other in the back. We have to be always careful with those people. It is difficult to change the people's perception and attitude rather we have to change by ourselves. I should have the determination of the change that I will be positive and everyone in this world is valuable and precious creatures for me. Let's respect the people even their belief, thought and opinion are different than what we have because as I already said above everyone is different in the world. Someone couldn't be bad only if she/he possesses the different opinion that what I have. We have to make our vision wider only then our mission will be accomplished! Cheers !