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Friday, December 2, 2016

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an ability of how we perceive, think, understand and manage our emotions with everything that we encounter in a constructive way. How effectively, we communicate with the
Beautiful flower by Bardhoj Okhrabo
people, how we resolve the conflict and how we overcome the challenges and empathize others all depends on our ability of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is not acquired by the people by birth, but it is gained and achieved by the learning throughout the different stages in life. It varies with the people depending on the perception and intelligence what an individual might possess. Even one can have learned this emotional intelligence by learning, but how he/she applies effectively in life matters with a great importance in life. Everyone is developed by its own social and family background and someone might have the best intention to develop the relationship with people, but some mightn’t have that kind of intentions and don’t want to take the pressure of learning this intelligence.

It is very important to learn the emotional intelligence in life, not only in the sense of maintaining the relationship with people, but also it gives a great meaning for every aspect of life. It teaches us the self-awareness about what is our strength and weakness?  What are our self-emotions that reflect to the other individual? How to control and maintain self-feelings, behaviors, and emotions and follow the commitments in life to achieve the goal. Along with that,  being as a human and the responsible entity of the society and the world, we should understand the needs, value and concerns of the other people and we should take the responsibility to make the society more comfortable place for all.

Along with this individual and personal life, emotional intelligence is helpful to build a strong professional relationship with the people. Having the knowledge of emotional intelligence help to increase the self-efficiency and results for the better performance. We can also fight with the social complexities and build and excel our career goal not just to perform, but also to influence and motivate the people.

In addition, maintaining the healthy emotions and applying the emotional intelligence in our lives help to reduce the stress that we might suffer from the daily busy schedule. Maintaining and controlling our emotions also nourishes our physical and mental health. Otherwise, we could be sick because of the uncontrolled stress, which can suppress our immune system and also increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and much other physical disability. Emotional intelligence is one of the greatest and the most important aspect to learn to keep the relationship moving forward and making it alive for the lasting period of time. The end