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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Predestined Journey (Story Series Part XVII)

I was at the farm with Raja as was the schedule of our fieldwork. We had taken the foods for the day time. The sun was very warm and the day was beautiful. Our field was close by a small river and we
Kanchan Janga the third highest Mt of the world by Bardhoj Okhrabo
used to bring the water to drink from the other side of the river. There was a  small bridge over the water.

We had been enjoying working together. It had been an age we hadn't gone to work in the field together after we got our little girl Fungma. That was the first day of our life, Raja was looking happy for finding me back on his side to work together. We talked about our past life, our first night and much more that had remained in our mind as a beautiful memory.

"Kanchhi, do you remember the day when you came to me ? My older cousins teased me  seriously saying you were a beautiful little girl, I had a shame even I knew you were too young to understand those stuff and we weren't mature enough to sleep together" . " I do remember some of the parts, but it has been almost more than a decade now, so I forgot many of those days", I responded to him. We both had a different feeling on that day as like we both were excited about our life like a newlyweds couple. At the mid of the day he said; " Kanchhi, let's eat the food, I will go get the drinking water you prepare foods in the plates by that time". Then he went to the other side of the river.

I prepared the foods in two plates, but he didn't return. I scared a bit, then tried to see him what's going on. I was close by the bridge I saw him on the other side of the river when I was on the bridge the bridge broke and he disappeared. I loudly cried  "oh no".  I was screaming in my dream and awoke with sweats around  my head and body everywhere. It was the fifth night after Raja had left the home to buy the new place where we had dreamed to have our life better and more comfortable. My little girl was sleeping deeply. I scared and couldn't go back to sleep.

I kept on thinking about the meaning of the dream and missed him a lot. There were no facilities of phone and internet like nowadays. I was only pondering myself in the deep sorrow and cultivating myself about the dream and what was going on with him. I tried to sleep hard because  I had many things to do on the next days. I was thinking to go to my home after he would return back. I became suspicious whether something went on to him. I fell in a dilemma if I would tell my dream to my mother in law or not. But at that time, she was the only one to whom I could share my pain. Early in the morning, my mother in law was preparing breakfast in the kitchen and I shared the dream what I had that night.

She worried about the Raja and just pledge with the god, " My god Tagera Ningafubgmang! Please return my son safely to the home". I consoled her not to worry much. Then she said; " yes god is always there with us daughter in law so you too not to worry okay? Everything will be alright, Raja will arrive soon with a great news for us". I nodded and assured her I wasn't worried much because the dream would remain the dream whatever might have come.

We were excited to see his presence on the day and we started to widen our eyes since the morning. But he never showed up until the end of the day. We thought there might have something later on the way or over there to transfer many things. My thought was constantly blowing in the air with several speculations and I kept on awake throughout the night. Though I tried very hard to close my eye, but I became unable to do so only around the early morning.