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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Success is a reward of Happiness

We many of us have a misconception that we could be happy in life after we succeed in achieving our goal, but many psychological researchers have discovered that success is a reward of happiness. It means happier people are more successful than unhappy people. The research concludes that
Beautiful nature is the symbol of joy. Photo by Bardhoj Okhrabo
happiness is obtained by positive thinking and perceiving everything in the same way but not achieved by success. Rather in order to be successful in life, happiness plays a great role and divert us to be successful.

The positive thinking is the greatest source of happiness. It is saying that we could see a flower everywhere if we take everything in a positive way, but if we are in the negative mood then  we will see the thorn even to the beautiful garden. Happiness is grown in the field of heart and soul rather in the outdoor surroundings. As a human being, our thought and feeling are guided by many circumstances that surround us every time, but if we harvest the seed of positive thinking in mind, the happiness grows and smile in our garden of  our thought.

It doesn't mean happiness is the sole factor of the successful people of this world. This is one of the factors which plays a crucial role, but while studying the life of the most successful people, many factors are there along with the happiness. Support from the relatives, family background, intelligence, expertise, hard work and much more are there. Considering all of those factors we need to have the surrounding who are supportive, helpful, motivational and influential of doing something more exciting in life. If we are in a slum we couldn't expect support from the people of negative attitudes.  I think it's better to stay away from them but keep in mind if we could help them to divert them, we have to use our resort, but if we need to get reassurance for our movement than better to be kept in touch only with the influential people.

The greatest strength to be positive on most of the time is accepting us and our destiny and allowing the nature to cultivate its own seeds. I don't mean to stay idle, we have to keep in trying to do every day new and have to discover the new knowledge and understanding but it is not guaranteed we are good at everything. At that time we have to accept our mistake and have to learn the lessons for the future reference. We have to learn to give the respect and gratitude to the people if we want to have our life with self-respect and dignity. Identifying very simple and small thing that we encounter every day makes a lot of differences in life.

Definitely, a happy mind and a positive thinking can be a more productive than someone who keeps on feeling bad and takes everything negatively. Our brain is directly connected with how we perceive everything. If we stay happy and take everything in a positive way then our brain performs faster and more effective ways but if we feel distracted and demotivated from doing what we are assigned, it takes longer to complete the job and we couldn't be productive as when we are happy and take everything easily and happily.
Let's try to take everything easily even we could be in slump sometime. Life is not easy but we have to face all the things. We are not alone, everyone's life has gone on the various degree of altitude while crossing the journey. But whatever the circumstances we face, let's live the life with the fullest joy and happiness regardless of our current circumstances and difficulties that embarrass us every moment. Keep in mind everything is temporary. We could grow the happiness inside our own garden perceiving everything positively and excitingly.
Cheers !