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Monday, December 5, 2016

Let's make the room for everyone!

While commuting to work early in the morning and returning back to home after work, I always encounter some of the things that made me feel that we human being are so selfish in this world we
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just want comfort for the sake of own but never care the other. I have seen many pregnant women , elderly and disable people standing in the train and bus while other healthy men and women turned their face away from them and hold the seat and enjoy listening music and reading books. I feel so bad for the people who just pretend they aren’t aware of all of the scenes and enjoy in their own world.

In fact, we people care just for our own and wants to enjoy the moment but don’t understand how difficult for the pregnant women and elderly people. I didn’t know how tough it was to be the pregnant and commuting in the public transportation before I got pregnant by myself, but I never let them stand if I had occupied the seat when they were close to me. I offer the seat whenever I find those people, but when I am standing and want to ask someone to offer the seat for those who are in need, they just turn away their faces and pretend that they are not hearing what I am asking them. I am surprised for the people in their thinking and why they want to live by themselves without caring the people in need.

I understand, how tired they could be after the work, everyone wants to be seated and take a rest when they are on the train or bus, but the thing is everyone has to understand that the people with special needs are having a harder time than what they have with their well four limbs and the age of bone biting.  People keep on busy on their smart phone, some pretend they were singing along with their iPod, some keep on dancing and some are busy reading or artwork in order to avoid the attention of needy people and scaring to give the seats to them. But I don’t understand how they can have a fun in this world ignoring others ? Why we couldn't give respect to the people and love and care to them who are in trouble. Is this life to live to mean just to be in comfort place all the time or just to enjoy oneself without caring the rest whatever the situation they face?

While returning back to home from work today, the train was completely full and the crowded, it was quite difficult to get inside. I got in with a lot of effort. From the next station; I saw a woman with a little baby holding in her chest with a baby carrier. The baby was so cute and calm even that  crowded room, the mom had held one big diaper bag along with her baby. I felt so pity for her and wanted to ask a seat to a guy who was close to me. The man just pretended that he was busy on listening music and he didn’t pay attention toward what I was asking to him. I felt so bad, but the woman said to me she was okay and leave  him that way. She was smiling even having a hard time. I realized how brave we women are,  we could cultivate the happiness and smile even having a difficult time. I have never seen a man that way, keeping a baby in a chest and holding a big bag in the hand. I felt proud of myself being a woman. Even though we women could be nothing for a man or for the people, but we are the creature  of the human being and we are so great we can divert any kinds of difficulties into opportunities.

I want to request all the people, please let's make the room for everyone whoever are existing in the world. We are all temporary and we are not staying all the time and this world, this air, this water, and nature are made for all the living being not for only for you. We have to share everything equally as possible as we can. I know we can’t share our money, can’t share the foods we have and can’t share our home with everyone, but definitely, we can share the nature, public place, and air to everyone equally as we know this world is not only for us but for everyone. Let’s learn the lesson to respect the people, let’ learn to give gratitude and give a smile even though we can’t give anything to the people. Let’s offer the public place to the people who are in need, we could be the same situation one day. If so, why don’t we think to keep ourselves in their place?  Let's make this world safer and better place for everyone and let's make a room for everyone cheers !