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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Most of the success stories begin with failures

When we see the most successful people of the world we imagine that how fortunate they are having that level of accomplishment. They might have raised and grown up with the hilarious family background, they must have gone to the best school and university in their lives that's the reason they
Credit; Google
are there now. But, in fact, many successful people in this world didn’t or don’t have everything that we think of their lives in the beginning rather many of their family had been suffering due to various scarcity and shortage of economic and many substances though they worked hard and reached the top of the highest peak.

While looking at the life of many successful people of this earth, it seems that their success is associated with their failure. Jack Ma one of the China richest men and one of the richest men in the world has shared his stories on youtube. He failed many times in life before embracing the success and becoming one of the richest men in this world. He failed his entrance exam to join his college three times and failed to join the Harvard University ten times, but he never gave up his hope to succeed in life. After his college graduation, he applied almost 30 jobs, but he was rejected. He applied the job for the police, five people went for the job, four were hired and he was only the one who was rejected. In the same ways he went for the job for KFC when that was initially started in China, 25 had applied for the job, 24 were hired and he was only the one who was rejected.

It proves that failure is not the end of our life or nothing wrong would happen, we fail or rejected even several times, but we have to take a patience and we have to focus on our goal. We have to be used to taking the rejection, whatever it is for the job or any kind of trial it could be. We couldn’t be successful only in the first trial. Failure is the guidance and the directors for the future. We have to learn from the mistake we made in the past and shape the future based on the experience. I am writing this blog doesn’t mean I am the one who succeeds but I am in the process and I hope my research will be fruitful to you all to go forward and move the life toward the success and happiness.

The co-founder of Apple company Steve Jobs reveals the same failure story. He was one of the college dropout students and was also a rejected by the Apple company one time, but returned back to the company later on. He never gave up his hope and invention of the new technology. Due to his hard work and dedication, he brought the revolution in the technology.

While looking the life of one of the most popular and successful writer J.K rolling her success also associates with numerous failures. She had a passion for writing and never gave up her hope of writing and bringing her passion for being true. Her manuscripts were rejected to publish many times. She had survived one time with government support becoming a single mother of little children. But her failure eventually dictated her to be one of the most earner women writers in the world.

While reviewing the success story of the great people in this world, most of them have faced the rejection and failure, but they accepted them. They focused on their dream what they have in their mind. They never hesitated to take challenges and got inspired by the great people either by movie or reading throughout the book. They had a determination and they devoted their life to be there one time. All their hard work, passion, devotion, dream and dedication to something they wanted to achieve are the result of their success that we all the general people should understand in our life. We should be the follower of successful and positive minded leaving all other stuff aside. Let's cherish the life and enjoy the fullest!