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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Using electronic babysitter

My two-year little boy goes to daycare for five days in a week and weekend two days spend with me. I feel so glad to be with him and enjoy the moments. Even I want to make him fun most of the time, but he is kind of moody. Sometimes he becomes happy with himself and plays with his toys without caring my presence, but sometimes he doesn't leave me even to go to the restroom and kitchen. I don't any choice without putting him in front of the television and showing him his favorite show.
Photo by Bardhoj Okhrabo

Even we are in America, we want him to speak Nepalese and call him by our own language, but the influence of the electronic babysitter is that he is just learning to speak and he speaks few Nepalese words, more English sentence and a few others that he learns during his day care through his friends. I have seen that many parents talk with their kids in English, but I prefer my boy should understand and speak in Nepalese language regardless of his birth or citizen, his origin is Nepal. But unintentionally I have been using an electronic babysitter for him showing him rhyme since his early age in order to teach him some letter and words and he became more used to getting in them more than what we talk about him. I feel so bad and regret not spending enough time with him due to the circumstances.

I don't feel proud for hearing his English speaking ability because I know he will learn automatically after he starts to school. But my concern is how to develop his Nepalese speaking ability. I don't want him to put on TV but it's my obligation when I have to finish something in rush and he doesn't allow me to do those stuff. I miss my Mom and wish she could be young enough to support me caring my
boy. But I am not that fortunate as she is old enough now. Not everybody in this world is fortunate having the support during this time. I think many women are in the same boat as me, but we learn to manage many things in the absence of relatives and support those adds some values in some point of life. Managing by myself teaches the lesson to manage the time and resource in shortage and scarcity.

I have three days off this weekend due to the Christmas holidays so thought to spend the most of the times but as usual dirty home, messy rooms and lots of things at home kept me busy rather playing with him. I didn’t have any special moment for Christmas this year. I solely spent the day cleaning the house using an electronic babysitter and sometimes enjoy with him spending time playing with him. At the end of the day, I celebrated this big day of Christmas dancing with my little boy in the Nepalese song that I turned on my TV through YouTube.

I realize now, my best friend for this moment has been my son. I can’t share my pain, but he makes me happy and laugh sometimes even I am in the bad mood. I was not feeling well for three days and just found little better today. No matter what was my situation, I had to be okay in front of him. When he cried at night when I was not feeling well, I scared a little bit whether he had also been suffering from something bad sore throat but he became calm and went to sleep after a while. He makes me laugh, makes me cry sometimes, makes me dance and plays with him. After all, my speculation came to be true, I have been quite in distance with people because of the compassion and emotional attachment with my baby. I got busy myself four jobs, home and taking care my Mukkum. I hope my people understand me. Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday.