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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A man with a dream ( Mahabir Pun)

Having the university degree from the United State a man returned back to his own village to spark the light of educations to the people of his birthplace. He is the man with a dream and now is the hope and future of brighter Nepal. He has left his personal comfort and joy and has dedicated on
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developing the nation with innovation and technology has a statement that " we are always learning."
Mahabir pun who was born in the remote village of Nangi is one of the inspirations of all young generations and hope of Nepalese to be reached at the peak of development.

Nepal has been one of the least developed countries in the world and he has a dream to develop it and  has started a project of innovation. He had a dream to teach the people of his village with the technology and innovation and taught the computer to the students of his school and his fellow teachers but proved that it was impossible to connect with the closest city Pokhara by telephone. He had collected the used computer with a campaign from Japan, Australia, Malasia etc to give computer knowledge in that villages. He wanted to give them an education of digital technology, which was not possible without the internet. He discovered the wireless internet which connected many villages with urban areas. He had started a Nepal wireless project in 2002. People in that area now having the life of an internet like of developed countries.

Pun had decided to help the people in the rural development by educating them. He found that those places were left behind as like nobody else lives there. His launched the program of sustainable development and natural conservation has had a superfluous impact for those who are entirely dependent on nature.In 2007, Pun received the Ramon Magsaysay Award from the Philippines for his “community leadership and innovative application of wireless technology in Nepal, bringing progress to remote mountain areas by connecting his village to the global village.”

Pun has established a National innovation center in order to accelerate the Nepal with the requirement of the 21st century. He attempted for the support from the Nepal government, but they didn't pay that much attention to his project, now he is taking the initiation he will make it happen possible with the support of each individual people who want the change and development. This is not for the personal goal, but he has a great vision and mission to reach Nepal high and I know it's all the inspiration and motivation for the young people as many of them have started their lives in the foreign land even with the love of the country and many are trying to get away. But there are many things to learn from his life.

"The migration rate of the young Nepali innovative and creative minds is accelerating, even more, every year. On the other hand, the researchers, scientists, and innovators, who are still living in Nepal, have not been able to work in their capacity because of the lack of inductive environment."

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