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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Money can't buy happiness

Many of us might have the misconception that we might be happy if we have enough money but many types of research have proved that money is not a matter for the happiness. Definitely, we can fulfill our an eternal substance and it is the outcomes of attitude and perception how we perceive the things surrounding us.
We can buy our basic needs with money and we can buy many materialistic things for the physical well being  but we can’t buy the happiness with money.

Many rich people in this world are not happy rather poor people living with many shortage are living their lives happily sharing the love and compassion with their family and friends. But many rich people who have enough money with which they can buy many things that gives them the materialistic pleasure are not happy in the world. The  rich people are suffering from the divorce, separation and many other pshycological problem which can’t be treated with money.

The research has discovered that happiness grows in the  mind, with the positive thinking and eternal feeling of human being. People who are involved in the social service or who help other for the sake of their survival or for the sake of other well being are found more happier than the people who enjoy the life with money. Definitely, we can’t live our life without money, but it doesn’t mean money matters in all aspect of life. Our way of living, thinking and happiness are the pshycological aspect of human mind so it matters the way of having the happiness on the way how we perceive and make our attitude toward the physical substances.

This statement doesn’t mean to devaluate the value of money neither to distract the people from earning money. We have to understand the value of money but shouldn’t  give more importance than needed. Chasing behind the money make our life disaster rather how we can live our life more happily, more preciously and more meaningfully matter in our life rather than collecting the money for the sake of future.

Of course we know the value of money and we should emphasis on some extend having the money in future but we have to understand that money is not all the things that matter all the aspect of our life. If we can earn the money as our desired amount but we couldn’t be happy by that time if we don’t have family, friends and relatives who give us love, compassion and favor in the hard time. It is also said that money has a black eye. If we misuse the value of money, we might lose our loved ones and relatives.

Every moment of life is an experience and the phase of learning. We have to learn the life in scarcity and have to find the happiness in the difficulties. As I heard one story that I remember when I was very young age. A husband who didn’t have that much earning but  returned  back to home with a smile. He was good at his children and wife thats the reason their lives lated together until the end and their children become the most intelligent and expertise on their unique fields. On the same neighbor there was a husband who had a great monthly income but returned home overnight being as a drunk and fought with her wife everyday. Thats the reason his wife left her one day and due to that separation their children couldn’t get the well education and couldn’t settle down in their future. Now we can judge where is the persistent happiness lies comparing the life of two people.