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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Death of a Dream ( Short Story)

She was looking beautiful with pink outerwear with a white shirt inside. As our plan, we had reached there on time. I was little shy to start over as it was the first day of the meeting. She smiled and wiped her hair away from her forehead. I melted down because of the charming presence which was out of
Photo courtesy Bardhoj Okhrabo
my thought.

" Eventually we are ended up meeting here' how are you feeling Meh?", she asked me. "See! I had told you, right ? If we think something, it will come to be true one day. It was quite hard to convince you that we will have this moment one day",I replied. She nodded with a smile. " Let's order some food first", I pulled the menu and said. "Okay, sure ".  " I think we can order one bottle of red wine with the appetizer, does it work for you?". " She shook her head and that's what I gave the order.

The sun was shining in the east, the wind was blowing slowly. The clear and beautiful sky had added the extra worth of that moment.I could see her hair was spreading due to the mild blow-off air. She smiled again, my heart melted the second time. I was thinking about how to talk to her and how to be close to her as what we were in the chat. "By the way how long are you going to stay in Nepal?", I started to be engaged in conversation. " I will return back by the last week of the next month? How about you ?" . " I will stay little longer, I have something to finish up here before I leave", I replied. " You seem prettier than what you looked in your picture",  I said.   "Really ?  Thanks for your compliment ! you know what; beauty lies in the eye". She said with a smile.

I had not expected her presence would be that much alluring. " I am so glad to be here with you,how about you ?". " I am happier than you," she replied. Our orders came to the table, I knew she liked the red wine as she talked about she had been having most of her weekends. The wine bottle was there with two wine cups. The fish fries and chicken lollipops were waiting for us to eat them. The waiter forgot to give us the wine opener, I called him hello! but he didn't hear me. I rose from my chair and headed toward the kitchen, but I banged on the wall while I was walking down to the kitchen and fell down on the floor.

Um, she cried; " Are you okay?"  " Yes, I am " I was putting my hand on my head. I found myself on the bed. Oops! it was just a dream which was already dead and had gone away from my mind. Jeny is from Australia, and I am in London. Totally opposite place of the world and very far by physical distance, but we belong from same origin and caste. We had met through the world literature conference as we both were there to recite our poem. After the conversation in the group, I was thrilled to add her on FB and that's the way I sent her request. She quickly accepted my request and almost after a week I started to chat with her.

We shared our feelings, our family background and everything's else slowly and slowly. The speed of our conversation was raising every day. If we got a chance to talk, we talked by phone via messenger if not we did chat frequently. We came to that close distance because we were walking in the same way. Our  thought, determination to change this world were mostly similar only the difference was there I was male and she was female. I know the fast pace of attraction was also because of the opposite sex we were. I never dared to ask her whether she was married, single or engaged because I thought that was not my matter of concern as we were just  friends. One day she opened by herself and said she had been with her boyfriend for a long period of time, but just broke off and asked about me. I said sorry to her and told my truth, I was engaged as what I was. She didn't care about much about my status just we kept on moving with the assurance of long-term friendship.

I was attracted to her regardless of the physical distance and her break off.  Nothing more was in my mind, but she was beautiful, creative and her voice was so alluring that made me crazy to see her one day. That was the reason I had asked her we would go to Nepal together one day and would make a blind date that we both had imagined would be amazing. But it was last week I became quite busy because of my work schedule and additional project. I didn't get a chance to respond to her message. When I checked after three days, I discovered that she had sent me her emotional feeling as if I was her boyfriend and I was ignoring her a lot. I was shocked because I hadn't expected that expression of her because I hadn't said I would love her and I could be her boyfriend.

I am engaged and I have my own set of goal. I didn't see that much value and meaning on hanging with someone on Facebook, in fact, I was not much aware of her. I liked her  as she was beautiful and I liked her creativity doesn't mean I should have in touch with her frequently. That's why I wanted to be away from her and blocked her from my Facebook. I don't know much about after then. I am trying to divert my mind and thought away from her but don't know I am feeling empty even I am full with many surrounding. I was excited to see her one day and that what we had a plan, but I didn't mean I was in love with her. I avoided her from everything. I compromised and consoled myself the meeting with Jeny, was just a dream but which is dead now.  While thinking all of those memories, she entered into the place of fantasy and said; " Thanks for being my short term friend, I was enjoying your company but you left me alone on the way and ran away. Please keep in mind, women are so sensitive and soft-hearted, never give a dream doesn't matter small or big if you don't dare to stick with that." She silently went away from that place and I was left behind with a regret.
The end!
Disclaimer :  All the characters in this story are imaginary, if it reflects someone real life, it will be just a coincidence!