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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series Part XVI)

I came to know about the crowd when my mother in law returned back to home with a sad face. She was expressing her pity toward someone; she took a long breath and said; " poor guy who spent his whole life for the sake of his son, now has been alone as his son doesn't care him" . The scene was still unveiled I was anxious a bit thinking whether someone encountered the accident.
Beautiful Picture of Tehrathum Nepal by Bardhoj Okhrabo 

I didn't understand who was that poor guy she was talking about, but after a while, I discovered that the Saila priest had slipped away with his feet and fell down  from the little hill down because of fo the slippery mud when he was returning back to his home from the neighbor. He was a bit drunk and spent the whole night sleeping in the same place. People had scared whether he had passed away, but fortunately, he was still alive. I thanked my God for letting him live his life because he was very helpful and kind. I didn't understand how powerful he was, but people had faith on him and he rushed to spell his magic whenever he was called by the people even in the mid of the night.

I remembered about his son, how he was treating him as I heard from my mother in law. I felt the trouble during the pregnancy and delivery of my daughter and I scared whether she would treat me that's why as well. I shrank my arm that my mother in law was noticing. She repeated once her vow; " you see Kanchi( the youngest one) we people in this village will remain poor until we die even we have money with us  we can't buy the medicines and other requirements here. That's why I want Raja to go some better place to buy some property for you and our Fungma's better future, so she won't be suffered by all the scarcity that we are facing now." I nodded and replied; " great idea mom".

We were spending our days as usual ways working in the field. Raja had assured her mother he would go to the town next summer so everything should have managed by that time. Fungma would also grow up a little bit. That's what the plan, we made. My mother in law was desperately seeking the day to go away for the better place and for the better-living standard what we had during that time. Time flew so fast, we spent the time and managed everything for Raja to send him to Terai where his uncle was living there. My mother in law gave her all ornaments that she had saved since her early age.

Raja seemed a bit sad before the day of his departure. I assured him " you are going to see and purchase some of the property by the way, why do you feel that way as you are going away from this home forever?". " I don't feel that way, but don't know exactly I am feeling like I am hardly pushed by my mother that I don't intend to do that", he said. " It's not for the sake of her you know?, everything whatever she has made a plan is for the sake of our better future and for Fungma." He changed his face as I said our daughter would go to a better school than what she could in the village. That was the last night before he was leaving the home.