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Thursday, November 17, 2016

'Failure is The Director of Life'

It's very hard to accept the defeat or failure in life, but we have to understand that it is a way of pathfinder and director in life that directs us to move forward. We learn to find the other options  and we might find, the better choice than what we have had before.
Rara Lake. Source Nepal picture

I know it was quite tough to bear the loss for the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but I am influenced by her because she is a stunning and dedicated woman for working for the children and family and much more. Even she lost the election, millions of Americans voted in her favor as they believed she has an incredible talent, capacity, and ability to make this nation great. But the outcomes turned their belief out and they are shocked because of that unexpected loss. We have to accept the loss and think that we are not here only for the victory of our faith and opinion, but can follow the rule of democracy and the other opinion as well. We are not ended now.

We all are seeking the empathy, inspiration, and emotional willpower to make our days prettier and glorious ahead. We have to keep in mind that, that loss is not our end and we have still  many years to go. If one door is closed, we have to exit through the open door which is a better way of going out. The loss of the Clinton definitely might turn her to find the open door from where she could do tremendous works that need to be done to the people in need. Definitely, she could have done much to the nation if she was elected, but it doesn't mean she can't do anything now.

She has a lot of opportunities and she can utilize her expertise, her achievement, and knowledge to the right place. The world is seeking to be placed in more comfort zone taking out of the women, children from the difficulties and poverty. She is an inspiration for many people of the world and still she can make a lot of difference for them by doing much more. Not only the president can do a lot of things, but as a general person, we can also do many of that parts. We might fail and loss many times, regardless of our hard work and effort, but those are our directors, pathfinders, guide and strength to be more perfectionist in life.

All of the flaws and setbacks are part of our life. As a saying; " Don't be over proud if you have enough today and even don't worry much if you have nothing today". This means life is a cycle of everything's; we have to deserve the every moment as a part of the cycle and stages of living being. We can't be happy all the time as well the trouble also is temporary and never stays in permanently. The changes keep us circulating our life from one stage to other where we could go upside down and high up and up in the mountain.

Nothing is certain in life, except the death which is inevitable and it is sure to everyone. We will fly away from this beautiful world one day as we haven't born for the permanent occupation. We have to make a room for the new generation and we have to give the opportunity to enjoy this air and nature to the other living creature as all of them have the equal right of existence. Unfortunately, we never think that day rather we want to grab on our own as much as we can. But it doesn't come in our mind all the resources either artificial or natural are also built for other  living creatures and we have to share with them to let other also to enjoy their lives.

Let's learn to live our life not only for our own sake but also for the people surrounding us sharing the sources which are available to us. Even though we might go away one day but we can make our memory for a long period of time. If we do something for the living being of this world which could be a unforgettable memory, will be remained with them. Grabbling all of the possible resources might make us physically rich today but after vanishing from this world we will be remained poor and erased from everyone's mind so easily. No one wants to remember the greedy and harmful people of this world. Lets avoid harming the people based on our opinion, our sexual orientation, our faith and belief or whatever we possesses because of the uniqueness of ourselvs. Lets respect to all the human being and share the resourecs and nature equally and lets breathe the momentum of life equally! cheers !