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Sunday, November 20, 2016

'Sacrifice is the another name of success'

Sacrifice is the another name of success. Without sacrificing many things we can't accomplish our goal. It doesn't happen in a few hours or few days it takes a long journey with the devotion, continuity, and hard work. We see the successful people of the world regarding their career, their interest of accomplishment and many ways as per
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their passion, but they haven't reached that level in
a few days rather they have spent the tremendous effort and devoted their lives sacrificing many things to be there today.  
 We can't be successful  in life without taking the risk. We have to face many challenges, but if we want to accomplish something it's not possible without  accepting many flaws and setbacks. We have to dig the road, taking along with the edge of comfort and balance of everything. The success story conveys the messages that we need to take the risk through the ground along with where we have to tackle with many difficulties on the way, devoting our life, sacrificing many things to get done that we need to be one day. 
 Our parents have sacrificed their lives to give us the good education, to make the human being as per their desire. From this viewpoint, we understand that success doesn't come immediately rather we need to have patience, dedication, devotion and preparation in life. All of them work together to make someone successful one day. Success means a lot of things to the people and it varies depending on one's passion and desire what someone wants to be. One has to identify its passion for bringing it to practical life. Without the passion of doing something, it's the toughest issue to be successful in life. We all know the value of education and educating our children is important for us, but unless and until we understand what passion they have, we can't achieve the success of their educational goal. 
 Someone has to have a belief in oneself to be successful in life. For example, if I want to have higher education; I should take risk of paying the highest amount of tuition fee, have to sacrifice on what I am earning, as I won't be able to work on some extend. I should sacrifice on my other interest of enjoying with a friend or spending time with family. Without sacrifice, we can't achieve our predetermined goal. It might take a long time, even many years to accomplish something. Everything has a process and we have to wait to have a beautiful, precious and big accomplishment one day. We might fail or it might take longer than usual, but we have to keep on moving and preparing ourselves because we might have bigger achievements than what we have expected. We could learn the lessons from the mentor's surroundings our life or we can find them as a mentee. It is always worth learning from the people and having a mentor if possible, but if not we can keep on moving as there is a saying that practice makes ones perfect. Keeping this in mind, we can prepare ourselves doing the things multiple times despite failure or setbacks. Determination and honesty are the part of the success as those let us moving forward every day. Let's bring the enthusiasm for doing and faith with us on accomplishing the goal one day, definitely, it will tender one day bringing the greater joy and fullest of happiness in life. Cheers!