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Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Letter to My Friend

 My dear friend,

Thank you for indulging me in the journey of this friendship. If we were living the life in the different world, I would have done many things for you, but in this life, even I couldn't do anything, you owe
my great respect. You have  changed my life, my perception and everything due to your vibrant treatment. You are deeply credited for what  I have achieved so far. I adore your companionship for making everything exciting and glorious.

My heart and thought were completely empty before your arrival in my life. I was diverted to the howl of frustration and it would be quite hard to be out from that point if I had reached there. It was about that tough time; you saved me from diving into the dark hole and pulled me up to the sparkling moon where I forgot everything and began to dream the brighter future for tomorrow. Your beautiful smile and your presentation taught me the full meaning and purpose  of life and the value of living in this world. Of course, that was the absolute nursing of my mind that lets me do so many things which were not possible without you.

The entire world had a subtle gray shade and I was about to be caught by the perpetual shadow before I met you.  Your presence seized me away  from that place and filled my life with the color removing from that shadow with a flery escort. You renewed me and planted me in the garden of the warmth and beautiful spring waiting to sprout the bud. Your reflection of love made me always laugh and dance in the fantasy of the palace where the pleasure of the dream has been set with the everlasting happiness. I don't have any words to explain my gratitude in return. You are  more than god, more than heaven and more than anything that I deserve in my life.

We have proved the meaning of friendship and broke the social belief that doesn't accept the friendship between two opposite sexes. They think that the friendship between a man and a woman is impossible. I am so glad we have broken that belief being a true friend of ever. You turned on the light in my heart when it was completely dark. I am fully  blessed for having you in this world as a true friend ever and I hope the relationship will remain as clean as the water of the sea forever until we live in this world.

Our relationship is with a full of respect and determination. Our friendship is founded with the intimacy with honesty. Nothing could break this tie except the death. I want to born again in this world, even after I die to be just your friend. You are my treasure that I found from the hidden ground. I could have done many fruitful things in life if I had met you before, but it is still not too late. I hope, we will have many years to go and definitely will do many things together joining the bond of friendship and planting the seeds of success in our beautiful garden.

At last I would like to thank again for being a part of my life.  I appreciate your generous support. You are so kind, helpful and honest to the people. I think you are made for the inspiration to the people who are suffering from many things in life. I am influend by your decent thought and I wish, we could share this cherish of happiness to the people everywhere in this world. I want to be remained with you as your friend forever!

Note: this letter is just a imaginary. Created by emotional state of mind because of  my own personal issue.