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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series XII)

I followed him and we both came outside. We saw my cousin  Saila was standing outside. I was surprised to find him there and greeted him and brought him inside. He said he was there to take me back, according to my great sister in law. We both went to the kitchen, prepared food and served him
Ghandruk Nepal. Source:Google
as per our Limbu tradition. He made a bed for him and asked him to wait tomorrow to see my mother in law as she had already gone to bed upstairs.

We returned back to our room and I told my husband I would be going back to my home. He didn't want me to go, leaving him alone. Even it had been a long journey of life we had spent few nights together, sharing our love and it was the beginning of our lives understanding the meaning  and value of our companionship. He became sad but said nothing. I read his face and understood him how he was feeling at that moment. I also shared how the coincidence happened in our life that was not both of our interest to be away at that precious moment, but we were not able to handle that issue by ourselves because we had to obey and respect our family along the road of our journey. I assured him everything will be alright after I would return back soon or he could come to bring me after a month. To spend a month being separated was the toughest time for both, but we didn't have any choice except bearing those hard times.

Early in the morning, my cousin met my mother in law and greeted to her and conveyed the message that he was there to take me back. My mother in law agreed to send me the next day and prepared all the stuff chesung for me. On that night we both felt sad for separating but made a love that would remind us even we couldn't make the same bond for some period of time. I convinced him that was the part of life and I was not leaving him forever just for the short span of time. I went to my home with my cousin on the next day. I was sad but excited to see my nephew, nieces, sister in law, sister and my friends and other relatives on the other hand.

I missed him while I was setting along with my cousin, but tried to hide my sorrow and expressed my joys all the ways possible. If I would be sad what the other people might have thought me. I had the fear of that feeling and became excited to reach my home forgetting everything for a while. I reached my home and found that everyone was excited and waiting for me. We all became glad for reuniting after a while and enjoyed the delicious food that my sister in law had prepared for my welcome!

I resumed back my old schedule going to the jungle some days with cattle and some days working in the field. I realized my life was like a dry mud in the absence of water, without any charming and cherish to enjoy, but I consoled me thinking my sister who had been spending her life without my brother in law for many years. I felt for her and I diverted my compassion and that unconditional love toward my sister who was living the life only on his name but that was limited only in the dream as he had gone away to the foreign job so called lahur to serve in the British army. I found her miserable and thought I was luckier than what she was at that time. I spent the month with adoring my sister and cultivating the present and past but never spent a single day without missing him. The waiting was over when he set on one day with a big smile that made me forget everything.

We spent many years together with a beautiful moment with a dream and hope to spend our life together forever. I became the first time mother at the age of eighteen and he was twenty. The arrival of our daughter gave us a great joy not only us both in our whole family. Her mother became the happiest woman of this world after the arrival of 'Fungma' my daughter. We had enough land that fed us enough and enough income to survive, but as we were in the countryside, we became busy most of the time working in the field. Surprisingly, one day my mother gave us a  plan that we hadn’t expected before.