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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series Part XI)

The night was spent without any distraction, I quickly ran away after I woke up early in the morning and started the errands. I was wondering how he was sleeping on the floor but assumed everything
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was alright with him. We had regular schedules as of the previous day. That was the season of harvesting maize down to the field and that what we were doing most of the days. On the same way, we went to the field and started to work as the previous time.

He didn't seem that much talkative on that day just kept on working on his own way. But I felt  it would be wise to offer food in the mid of the day so what I asked him. I was a bit confused how to call him rather I asked to come to eat without pronouncing his name. During that time pronouncing the husband's name meant disobeying the traditional rule and assumption was that it could be a sin. I never dared to call his name rather called him 'brother' but he denied for saying that as well and reminded me we were a married a couple.

Our two sister in laws returned back from the Bazar next day and I was sent to take care the cattle far away in the jungle with the youngest sister in law. She was a bit older than me in age. The rest of the family members went to the field with other hired people because it was about the season to finish that as soon as possible. I missed the moments that I spent in the field two days with him while going away from him. I also thought the nights that he was sleeping on the floor without enough clothes. I imagined how tough was that for him to hide and pretend everything because of me. My heart melted down and found guilty by myself. I was trying to find out the reason of fear that arises every moment with me.

After returning to the home that night, we all had the dinner of the day and my mother in law told me about tomorrow schedule. He had got a whooping cough and I scared a little bit whether her mother would find out the reason. After we went to our room, it had already been a fourth of the night he was sleeping on the floor. I felt guilty for making him sleep on the floor as he looked sick, my heart broke and my soul was melted down for the compassion. " why don't you sleep up on the bed as there is enough space for both of us", I said. He smiled in return and said; " Are you sure you don't scare with me?". " No I don't " , I replied.

He came on the bed and I moved to the corner to make sure he will have enough room to sleep. He tried to fall asleep but he could not rather come close to me and kissed on my forehead. He was just checking whether I would cry, but that was the first time in my life I felt the pleasure of love and the greatest grace that I had never had  in my life before. After then he must have realized that I was accepting his love. We dived  deep into the world of love that was the true bond of two creatures which had started the journey of flying together in the vanity of space far away looking forward  to lasting it forever together.

I learned the meaning of life and human being how and why we are created in this world and how we survive even after losing the mother at the early age.  I found myself, I had been saved by the god just for the sake of him. We had been destined to be with each other that's the reason I was alive even after suffering from many things. We had started to understand the value and meaning of conjugal life and were diving deep into the heart and soul of each other. I liked his presence every moment same as he was that I knew from his activities. We were making the necklaces of our dream and seeing our way more beautiful and exciting. It was about our bedtime there was someone outside just heard the voice of a cough. He wanted to be out even I tried to know first who was that but he went out first.

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